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The mandatory Economic Action Plan Sign census.

The Conservatives believe the mandatory longform census was much too intrusive for Canadians good (and may also have provided much too much information for the Conservatives good), but when it comes to wasting the bureaucracy’s time on tracking how many Economic Action Plan signs are out there, this government spares no expense or person hours to track them:

Civil servants across Canada were ordered by the federal government to document every single sign posted anywhere promoting the federal economic stimulus plan, The Canadian Press has learned. They’ve spent countless hours tracking every one of more than 8,500 signs posted since last summer, when the urgent, weekly exercise was ordered by the Privy Council Office, the bureaucratic support arm of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office. It continues to this day. Eighteen departments and agencies are involved, including the country’s overstretched food inspection agency, fisheries and oceans officials, health, public safety and environment workers and Parks Canada employees.

Signs are being tracked here, not how many jobs were created or how efficient the programs being stimulated ended up being. Propaganda beats all of those facts out in the mind of this government. Perhaps those facts are a bit too inconvenient or embarrassing?

UPDATE: Impolitical has more thoughts on this.


4 comments to The mandatory Economic Action Plan Sign census.

  • Does that include signs that are sitting in the middle of nowhere? Or is it best to just not discuss them?

  • Sign Census. eh, good one.

    But that’s only because signs don’t have bedrooms and can’t be Jedi Knights.

  • Janet Jackson

    Well at least the sign makers and the sign putter uppers are getting some economic activity. Yeah, HarperCon’s action plan WORKS! (pls note the sarcasm).


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