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Well,well,well – What have we here. A virtual tie

It’s only one poll, and some of the regional shifts/swings seem dramatic, which may be the signs of a very volatile electorate, but we now have a virtual tie in the newest Ekos poll released today.

An interesting analysis from Frank Graves on the reasons he thinks the numbers have shifted the way they have:

“It’s all because of the government’s decision to scrap the mandatory long-form census, pollster Frank Graves says. “The direct testing suggests that the census initiative has gone over with a massive thud,” he said. “It is receiving near universal …raspberries from a flummoxed electorate.”

How badly are they flummoxed? Kady:

..a good chunk of the population — or, to be precise, 56.3 versus 26.0 percent of the weighted representative sample thereof reached by the EKOSbots over the last seven days — remains unmoved by the government’s attempts to defend the decision to switch to a voluntary long-form census questionnaire, although 17.7 percent offered no response

Dare I say it, that Ignatieff’s ‘Liberal Express’ and the fact it garnered mostly positive headlines/reviews from non-SunMedia based scribes probably helped as well (tho, the Liberals are still below 30%, so they can’t be too content just yet).


2 comments to Well,well,well – What have we here. A virtual tie

  • Kephalos

    Ya can’t trust these polls. EKOS for the one-eyed Kuklops especially can’t be trusted because Graves is in Harper’s Hades for some indiscreet remarks about Liberal stragedy.

    Hard to believe Green at 13% when Nanos (who’s being held captive by Kalypso somewhere in the Thousand Islands) last had the Greens at 5%. Methinks the pollsters set a desired number for the Libs and then park the overflow on Green. Truth is stranger than fiction and it’s fiction that the Libs are under 30% when Harper’s been so brutally stoopid all summer.

    But fugget a fall election. Dupliceepe will enjoy a winterland as he squeezes Harper’s right roundies for extra goodies for QC.

    Meanwhile in the tents of the PCPC the knives are coming out for Harper.

  • TofKW

    Love to hear some bravado now from Harper’s minions. Majority? Ha! The Libs now have as much of a chance to win a majority …in other words it ain’t happening.

    The CPofC is down 9% from where they were post election 2008, and the Grits are still at suckage-levels, but regardless are up ~3% from that same point.

    Also in 2008 there was a Lib weak leader who could not articulate his positions well in English, and was attempting to sell a very complicated overhaul of the nation’s tax structure …that’s not the case the next time around.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Libs should not be getting exited about these numbers, 29% is still gawd-awful. However they shouldn’t fear an election if one should accidentally break out.

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