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I hope he takes them to the cleaners.

Not to steal Galloping Beaver’s thunder, but I think this bears repeating:

Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Montreal man who was stranded in Sudan for six years, has been given the green light to sue the federal government and Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon. In a written ruling released on Monday, the Federal Court gave Abdelrazik the right to proceed with the lawsuit, which is seeking $27 million in damages…

and a bit more:

“The government was arguing that individuals could not sue for torture and they were also arguing that there was no legal duty on the Government of Canada to protect Canadians detained abroad..”

So apparently, the Conservative government was arguing that Canadians are on their own if they get into trouble abroad, whether they’re innocent or not of whatever they’re accused of. Real classy bunch in Ottawa we’ve got right now.


1 comment to I hope he takes them to the cleaners.

  • Jones

    Would the ruling party be apt to act the same way if they had to pay the damages from the coffers of their own party? Or if the degligent minister was personally responsable to pay the damages?

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