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Facts are optional; gut feel is what counts.

So I was reading over at BCL’s the witness list the Conservatives have brought forth for the Census committee meeting this morning includes(d) a couple of radio talkshow hosts – ones that aren’t exactly known for their liberal demeanour or liberal audience.

Without actually having seen the committee (if its in progress), I’m presuming that the strategy behind inviting these guys – above and beyond them ranting about how the mandatory longform census was tyranny in action, Soviet Russia style – was to get them to say, “all my callers support the government’s decision to scrap the mandatory longform census – in fact,they think the WHOLE census should be voluntary”.

Therefore, according to Conservative spin, the Canadian public – or at least those who are “regular people”, as represented by the audience on these radio stations – support the changes to the Census, or at minimum, don’t care.

I’ll be interested to see if my prediction on their strategy is/was correct.

UPDATE: I’m pleased by the way, to see the Liberals are going to officially table a Private Members Bill to re-introduce the Mandatory Longform Census. That’s one way of attempting to restore it. There is another way as well, which I hope will also be introduced in the Fall session.


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