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Random Friday stuff

Some things on this Friday to catch my eye that aren’t worth a blogpost on their own, but may be of political/reading interest to others.

– Some goofball wrote an opinion piece at Polling Report discussing the latest Ekos poll. Be kind to him.

– The list of groups and organizations (government and NGO) that oppose the mandatory longform census being ditched continues to grow. (EDIT: And the Conservative government/Tony Clement,  to absolutely no one’s surprise, refuses to meet with its own statistics advisory board).

– This is a tragic story.

– Chantal Hebert has been on a roll lately going after the Conservative government. That continues today, with the belief that their propensity for ditching independent thinking public servants may come back to bite them.

Edit: The Star editorial board joins the ranks of those that raise an eyebrow at the claim that the removal of the head of the Firearms Program was not political.

– The mayor of Toronto race doesn’t affect me, and I haven’t particularly paid attention – until Rob Ford caught my attention. Mel Lastmen got elected there, so I suppose I wouldnt be too surprised if he won, but if his actions and words of the last week  doesnt spur the progressives in the city to mobilize against him, nothing will (though I admit they havent exactly got a reason yet to do so; the major  candidates all appear to be running to the right-wing. Voting for the least rightwing of the bunch isn’t exactly great motivation. Still.. do they want Ford as mayor?)


2 comments to Random Friday stuff

  • Redrum

    Speaking of goofballs writing about crappy polls:
    have you heard about the new KoryTV piece yet?

    You, know, the one that officially declares the LiberalExpress tour a flop, based on, um, an online poll, likely conducted by paid respondents:

    that was done less than one-third of a way into the tour,

    and whose results were delayed nearly weeks, even tho’ the co. (which was founded by a separatist, BTW: Marcel Léger, a former PQ Cabinet Minister! and whose VP Nicole Léger is also a former PQ MNA) promises “You have access to your results within one week” (and for exceptionally cheap rates!):

    And the article was written by a Quebecor hack who not only had no trouble saying that the poll shows what all Canadians “now” intend to vote & think about Iggy, but who also had no trouble saying with a straight face that the deaf, dumb, and blind pre-judge in the Khadr case “didn’t buy it,” re: how his confession was coerced.

    Judging from how that scribe overlooks any evidence to the contrary and writes exactly what he’s told, I’d say he’s angling for a Conservative Cabinet Minister position.

  • Will M.

    Polls mean squat until we are actually in a campaign.

    That’s when records are reviewed, plans are laid out and questions get asked.

    The LPC could unveil a full platform today. Are we suddenly in campaign mode then? I didn’t think so.

    Harper broke up the last HoC under the guide of it being “dysfunctional”. When he won, he said he’d work with the other parties….yeah, fast forward to now.

    Ignatieff has said Canadians want an alternative. Well, bring down this farce of a government and present it.

    All commanders and troops are primed for only so long.

    From all we’ve seen from proroguing, detainee stalling, G20 squandering, census gutting, and the quashing of dissent….I ask my fellow progressives, at what point is enough, enough?

    When does our leader pull the plug in defense of OUR Canada?

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