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Pictures of some lonely looking Action Plan signs.

I got some pictures sent to me from a fan in Ottawa that you might enjoy.

The first is this:

My fan who sent the photo in informs me this sign is in a lakeside park near the person’s cottage in Eastern Ontario, which happens to be in the riding of Scott Reid,  Conservative MP for Lanark-Frontenac. According to this person, 2 summers have passed now with no project; the graffiti/political statement on the sign that you see was apparently wrote on the sign in frustration this past year.

The next set of pictures comes from Ottawa:

According to my snap-shooter, these pictures of the Action Plan Sign (just to the right of the dog sign – click on the photos for a larger blown-up view) are located in a field in Conservative MP Pierre Poliviere’s Nepean-Carleton riding, and is entering the 2nd summer of no apparent activity. It refers to the future home of the Ottawa Humane Society.

Not a lot of ‘action’ in these 2 instances for Canada’s Action Plan – more surprising when they’re apparently  in 2 Conservative MP’s ridings, according to the person who sent them in (shouldn’t be too hard to confirm them though). Regardless of what ridings they’re in, I thought projects were zipping out the door,  but not in these 2 cases.

UPDATE on August 20, 2010: It seems my fan has sent me in slightly dated photos of the Ottawa Humane Society construction. Check my comments section for some links to what the place looks like now.. still a long ways from getting done, but more then a field.. so in fairness, building at that site is at least initiated.

UPDATE 2: The person who sent me in those photos has voluntarily identified himself in comments and says his pictures are legitimate.


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