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Monday morning miscellany

A few things that caught my eye today that I didnt think were bloggable on their own, but taken together, might spark some others interest.

– It will be a very sad day in Montreal today.

– More bad news for the Conservatives on the Census – the issue is not losing steam amongst Canadians in the latest poll taken on the topic by Angus-Reid. A majority of Canadians still oppose the mandatory longform being ditched/want the decision reversed/balk at the claims the questions are too “intrusive”.  The Harperites lone consolation is that they’ve managed to get a majority of their own supporters (57%) to agree with their decision on this, though this is hardly overwhelming support. Not all Conservative supporters are paranoid Tea Party types or extreme libertarians. (Heck, even God ordered a census, and Christian Churches representing 76% of the population have come out in support of the mandatory longform census.. so maybe those Conservative Party religious-type folks should take that into consideration).

If this is true, someone in the Conservative Party’s fund raising operations should be in trouble.


4 comments to Monday morning miscellany

  • TofKW

    Redrum, I have a few good friends who are true blue CPC supporters, at least two are shaking their heads at the government’s moves of late. No way they’d vote Lib – but staying home is a future option they are entertaining. Just anecdotal from my own experiences, but I doubt they are the only two in the nation that feel that way.

    BTW – did someone switch your ‘h’ key with a ‘j’ ?

  • Redrum

    Indeed. Jopefully tjey’ll vote w. tjeir feet ratjer tjan tjeir jands (and stay at jome on election day like many of us did in ’06 &/or ’08)

  • Perhaps this could be a watershed moment between Conservatives and their religion. It will be interesting to see how the choice will be made – church or party?

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