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Census and more census

You know, at the rate this Census story is continuing to have legs and continues to cause the Harper government so much trouble, they’ll probably be glad to get Parliament resumed so that they can try and bury this story under red herrings other issues that they can try and bring up. The opposition parties and the media and the groups/orgs/provinces who oppose this move to ditch the mandatory longform will have something to say about that.

Speaking of the Census, there is some good news today; a Federal Court has partially agreed with the French language groups who have taken the government to court over this issue and whether the ditching of the mandatory longform violates the Official Languages Act. The partial agreement comes in the form of partially expediting the case to be heard on September 27-28, rather then in mid-October as the Conservative government was arguing for. Some might worry that this is still too late, as the printing presses would be already starting to print out the shortform Census + the new “voluntary survey”, but at least 1 fellow who worked at Statistics Canada says this isn’t an issue with this date – A separate notification can be put in the questionnaire packages if the mandatory nature of the long form census is upheld by the courts.

On other census fronts, more folks are coming forward to speak out against the Conservatives ideological boneheaded decision to kill the mandatory longform, adding to that long list of opposition.


3 comments to Census and more census

  • Redrum

    No, I really don’t think it has anything to do with that. As one of the newly released docs pts. out, the Auditor-General did a full review of how things went for the 2006 Census & they passed w. flying colours. And if the long form data was so problematic, we wouldn’t be universally lauded by the Stat. Dept’s around the world, and they would have just cancelled it this go round, which was one of the options they were offered (in fact, Sheikh said that would have been better than doing it half-assed like they are going to).

  • Ross

    I’m wondering if the government’s approach to making the long form voluntary was to hide other issues. I have read that 2006 was the first census to use Lockheed Martin’s software and the long form information was “problematic”. So, maybe they can’t process it reliably anyway.

  • Ted

    What the emails reveal is that this is now no longer an issue about census and good governance, but now it is just as much about government trustworthiness.

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