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A circus act/clown show at the Public Safety Committee by the Conservative government

You might have read that the Conservative government decided to being back the Public Safety Committee into session over news reports that ‘veiled passengers’ may be able to get on a plane without a final ID security check.

This was a government motion to do this, remember. So what happens? Why, the Conservative chairperson, Garry Breitkreuz, didn’t show up. The Conservatives were obviously hoping that would mean Mark Holland, the Liberal MP vice-chair, would take over the chairperson role. Why? Well, because the Conservatives would then have a majority on the Committee and then be assured their measures they wished to pass would do so.

Except, Mark Holland and the rest of the Committee’s opposition MP’s were having none of that trickery. They insisted that the Conservative vice-chair take the chairperson role to preserve the opposition majority on the committee, and then in the subsequent votes, ruled the Conservatives motion to be out of order (because what they wish to study falls under the jurisdiction of the the Transport committee)

To top the circus show off, and just to show they were too clever by half, the Conservative MP’s on the committee then managed to allow the Committee to be adjourned:

,,the chair is imploring committee members to take their seats; having discussed the “procedural happenings,” and his relative lack of understanding of the rules, he’s — going to step aside, and let someone else take the chair due to the “lack of coincidence” that the committee has demonstrated during his brief tenure. Aw, poor Phil. It really wasn’t personal.Holland takes the chair, thus giving the Conservatives that much-prized majority, and asks for unanimous consent to proceed with *his* motion on the G20, but bafflingly, rather than agree, and then vote it down, they *deny* consent. Nice own goal, guys. With that, Holland gavels down, despite sputters of outrage and waving hands from the other side. Meeting adjourned.

Moral of the story: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on us” seems to apply here. The other moral; don’t make your attempted trickery/duplicity so bloody obvious. The Conservative handbook on disrupting committee work surely should have had a paragraph on that.


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  • Redrum

    Even better than the fact that Holland didn’t fall for forefeiting his vote, was the fact that it turns out that this whole kerfuffle is over nothing: the airport security folks probably _are_ following the law as written, which does _not_ require a photo/face check as long as the name on the boarding pass matches two pieces of non-photo photo ID they proffer. (See ‘Runner’s post in Kady’s comments for the link & expl.)

    ‘Course, that won’t stop the hysteri-Cons for long: they’ll just allude darkly to the more important ‘Unreported Laws’ and Steamboat ahead.

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