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My interpretation of Harper’s remarks to Conservative caucus today

You think Harper might have said something with regards to the Census controversy today when he talked to his national Conservative caucus; particularly in light of his poll numbers dropping as a direct result of that (at least in the Ekos poll, if not Decima’s earlier this past week as well). Harper’s been out of the spotlight for some time after all.. so.. maybe a vigorous defence of Conservatives trying to stop tyranny, or an attack on ‘special interest groups’, or Liberals, or both?

Nope, it was all everything’s peachy in Canada!

My interpretation of Harper’s speech? This:

Harper to his caucus and to the public/media: “There’s no time to cry… happy.. HAPPY!”

How long is he disappearing for this time? 6 more weeks after seeing his shadow/until Parliament gets recalled?


3 comments to My interpretation of Harper’s remarks to Conservative caucus today

  • Greg

    Paul Wells is right up to a point. Harper is large and in charge, as long as and until the opposition get their act together. Already today he used the words coalition and election as joojoo to ward off even the suggestion that he isn’t fit to clean the toilets on Parliament Hill. If the opposition allows him to scare them away from the attack then, Well is totally on target. Harper will rule forever.

  • slg

    Paul Wells seems to think Harper’s where he wants to be in the polls – his smart strategy

  • Volkov

    In all honesty, if the Conservative caucus could dance as well as those people to that tune, I’d be inclined to believe them.

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