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Maybe there really ARE Canadians who care about the Census.

You might recall that Canadian Press report a few days ago where unnamed Conservative MP’s/sources dismissed the census controversy as an issue that Canadians don’t care about, and that it would fade away.

It may, but before it does, it appears to have caused a big hit in Conservative popularity, at least in the latest Ekos poll: The CBC’s title for this is “Conservative lead dries up, poll suggests”, and it details what it calls the evaporation of the Conservatives lead. The Conservatives have 29.7% support, while the Liberals received 28.5%. This is a 3% drop from the last Ekos poll, and a 3% gain for the Liberals from last week’s Ekos poll – a big 6 point swing (For the other parties, the NDP had 17.4%, the Green Party had 11.1%, and the BQ lead the Liberals by 41-28 in Quebec, with the Conservatives slumping to 13.5%).

As much as I’d like to think the Liberal Express has helped in this Conservative drop/Liberal climb, (and I do think it’s helped Iggy, despite some media pundits panning the tour), what has been the major news story in the news of late?

The Census.

Has anything else happened in this time frame to explain this drop? The F-35 fighter purchase is in there, but that’s not exactly gotten big play – the Census controversy ironically pushed that story to the back-burner – at least until Parliament resumes.

Perhaps more people care about a government that seems to want to destroy data and statistics and replace them with ideology and hunches then the Conservatives think. They should be feeling very uncomfortable today at that caucus meeting of theirs (and Harper has not and still won’t publicly comment on the Census debacle he’s created. Perhaps he’s hoping it will go away if he says nothing).

UPDATE @ 9:56 am: It appears that a majority of constituents in Simcoe North support the mandatory longform census, and do care about it as an issue – Conservative MP Bruce Stanton says so:

The majority of Simcoe North constituents who have raised their opinions would like the 2011 long-form census to remain mandatory, Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton says. “Most seem to be supporting the idea of continuing with the mandatory read, (which is) imposed fines and jail time, or at least threaten it in order to get the data,” Stanton told QMI Agency on Tuesday.

Nice attempt at spin there on the “imposed fines/jail time” bit on Bruce’s part, since no one has ever been sent to jail over not filling out the census form, but the fact remains is that he admitted publicly his constituents support the mandatory longform census. I wonder if he will be getting some heat from the PMO to call into the Examiner to ask them to retract his quote, because he didn’t really “mean what he said”, as what occurred with Conservative MP Patrick Brown last week.


1 comment to Maybe there really ARE Canadians who care about the Census.

  • Tim

    They care about sending people to jail for not filling out the census, but they want to define poker buddies and buying an ounce of pot for your wife with breast cancer as a “serious crime.”

    The Conservatives. Out of touch with Canadian values.

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