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Conservative War Room chutzpah on claims the Libs are smearing the public service

I’ve come to the conclusion this morning that the Conservative War Room must think the media and public are stupid, or they are hoping everyone out there has amnesia or memory loss on their behaviour with regards to how they’ve treated the public service since being in power. Let me list a few examples to refresh your memory.

In the most recent case of this, we’ve seen Industry Minister Tony Clement and company attempting to hide behind Munir Shiekh and Statistics Canada when they got criticized over dumping the mandatory longform Census, claiming that it was deemed perfectly acceptable by Statistics Canada to change to a voluntary longform. Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for Canada), Shiekh wouldn’t allow StatsCan’s credibility to be dragged through the mud like that, and he resigned, forcing Clement to admit it was the Conservative government’s decision and there was opposition from StatsCan that they ignored.

We’ve also seen how the Conservatives treated Richard Colvin – the diplomat who whistle-blew on the Afghan detainees mistreatment, and revealing the Canadian government looking the other way on this when he was asked to testify. For that transgression in the Conservatives eyes, Defence Minister Peter MacKay tried to discredit his testimony quite publicly, and there were attempts to discredit him privately through selective leaks to military-friendly reporters on documents that were still classified to everyone else.

Don’t forget about Linda Keen; the former head of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission got canned by Harper for trying to do the job the CNSC is supposed to do in overseeing Canadian nuclear facilities and ensuring Canadians safety.

How about Kevin Page, the Parliamentary Budget Officer getting his budget lopped when his public oversight and reports/critiques of the Budget and other Conservative government expenditures proved to be far more accurate and correct then anything Finance Minister Flaherty and company predicted? Angry at being embarrassed, they’ve cut his budget to try and handcuff him from doing more of that.

I think I’ve given enough examples to make my point. So, it is pretty rich on the Conservatives War Room part (and pretty galling too) for them to come out and claim that the Liberals going after RCMP commissioner William Elliott for his reported problems in leading the RCMP as “a smear of the entire public service”.

It’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence for them to throw that charge out there after the contempt they’ve shown for Canada’s public service since they have been in office. It shouldn’t be just anti-Conservative bloggers who point this out; I hope we’ll see some media people remind people of that contempt, and give this “spin” the ridicule and dismissal it richly deserves.


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