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Ladies & Gents, your 2011 Voluntary Longform Census – Conservative-style

(Well played, Liberal HQ).


21 comments to Ladies & Gents, your 2011 Voluntary Longform Census – Conservative-style

  • Redrum

    acridrain: stop your corrosive ways because it’s clearly taking a toll on your own brain as collateral damage.

    For one thing, the census has only ever asked about the no. of bathrooms in one’s home _once_: in 1981:

    But I guess you couldn’t know that’s changed since you’re a Conservative & so by def. are decades behind the times.

    And that stupid site you mention was started by other punkass psrdo-libertarian twerps at the Western Standard.* It’s about as probative of something genuinely amiss as the “Can a donut get more fans th[a]n Stephen Harper” Facebook page.**

    Dry up, already.

    * “And here’s the Jedi Census website we (especially Robert Jago) threw together to poke fun at the whole issue.”


  • ridenrain

    Nothing to add on that Jon?
    No more hollow insults or noise?

  • ridenrain

    I would have assumed that someone who talked about this would have done more than drink their own bathwater.

    And here’s the Canadian Jedi who are in solid support of this census:

    “The long-form census is vital to the Jedi. This is why we oppose the reckless and short-sighted decision by the Dark Side to end the long-form mandatoriness.”

  • ridenrain

    This is from the Financial Post:
    Here the government forces Canadians to disclose a host of information about their private lives such as what languages they speak on a regular basis; whether they are White, Chinese, South Asian, Black, Filipino or a host of other ethnicities; where they work; how they get to work (i.e. bike, car, walk, taxi); what language they speak on the job; how much housework they do; how much time they spend playing with their kids or talking to their elders; whether or not they have any difficulty walking, climbing stairs, or bending; which member of the household pays the rent or mortgage; how many rooms their homes have (and how many are bedrooms); and whether or not their homes have any “missing or loose floor tiles,” “defective steps” or more major deficiencies like “defective plumbing.”

    On the lighter side, the Jedi church of Canada has come out on your side.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, Please provide a link Ridofbrain. Until then it’s just words. Hot air paraphrased by a person who’s credibility is non-existent. That would be you Ridofbrain.

      Jedis? Talk about lame stale talking point. Jeez Ridofbrain, you could at least try and make an effort.

  • slg

    ridenrain doesn’t even know when he/she has lost the argument – sad, very sad indeedy.

    I think a little humour is good. The Cons would have you hiding in your basement living in fear.

    Should have added: Do you support the troops, if you are Con you don’t have to answer, we told you you support the troops.

  • The complimentary tinfoil hat was a nice touch! Very funny!
    : )

  • Roll Tide

    This was done in good humour. Its a humour some of us appreciate. Illustrating absurdity by being absurd. ridenrain is correct, “its no more silly then the actual form”.
    Well done Scott!

  • Princess_Jules

    Ha ha ha.. I am a conservative, and I thought that was hilarious. Good Job!

  • Christian

    Thanks Scott. I needed the laugh.

  • ridenrain

    I wonder how many other Canadians would quit their jobs to protest a mandatory government joke questionnaire that reports the religion of 21,000 Canadians is Jedi? Would someone here like to seriously defend a service that delivers such valuable facts, vital to Canada?

  • I suspect that my neighbour is Jewitch. I know because she is evil enough to force her children to eat those dry, cracker thingy Jewiches during Passover–you know? the Jewitch Easter. They don’t get chocolate bunnies–just those yucky Jewiches. At least they have three bathrooms–not like the Aboriginals who live in reserve homes without indoor plumbing.

  • sassy

    In order to avoid jail time and, to find out if my neighbour is Jewish, I have filled out the sensuuuuus and, have asked my husband to mail it for me the next time he is in town.

    p.s. tell me about ridenrain, hot stuff or what!!!!

    • Jon Pertwee

      @sassy, You’ll probably find out that Ridofbrain is probably not smart enough to fill the form out correctly.

  • ridenrain

    No more silly than the actual form.
    So .. how many bathrooms in your house?

  • Pamela Allard


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