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Census hearings today.

Kady of course provides her usual fine live-blogging commentary. A recap can be found here.

My initial thoughts: those in the science/stats community generally handed the Conservative MP’s their lunch at the hearing, and as far as I was concerned, Clement’s testimony and answers to questions seemed to be using the lines “we Conservatives love freedom” and “Liberals want to throw everyone in jail”, regardless of what question was asked.

Best commentary on him was from a comment I saw at Macleans, that I totally agree with:

The strongest point for the Opposition in today’s committee hearing so far is that at the same time the Minister claims to be responding to privacy concerns, he doesn’t appear to be at all familiar with the privacy assessment that was done, didn’t engage the privacy commissioner, and doesn’t know or won’t tell the facts about census enforcement.

He also didn’t and won’t meet with business and research reps who have concerns, so in other words the Minister in charge of data gathering didn’t use any to make his decisions.

More to come on this.

PS – If the Conservatives were smart, they’d immediately stop Stockwell Day from commenting on the Census. This is the second dumb comment he’s made on this in less then a week.


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