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So Mr. Taylor and I agree on the census thing…

Mr. Stephen Taylor decided to publish thoughts on the Census controversy yesterday. Of course, he is cheering that move on, all for it. What may surprise you is that we agree on at least one point – the government’s motives behind this move. I and others have suspected that this move to kill the mandatory longform census is less to do with privacy concerns, and more to do with trying to prevent governments from having reliable data – to see certain social problems or inequalities for instance – because it will be harder to target them with programs, or revamp initial ones. Stephen doesn’t exactly say he suspects the same thing as to the Conservative government’s motives, but he believes this is what will happen as a result of this move. He of course wants that to happen. I don’t.

I also of course have stated I think there is a 2nd reason for this move – to prevent inconvenient facts/stats from interrupting Conservative rhetoric and ideology over the policies they wish to implement (see tough on crime policies), but if Stephen comes out and says that openly, I’ll be shocked.

That said, I do join my colleague Greg in congratulating him for at least being honest about his reasons for supporting this move:

If only the elected members of your party were as honest about their goals, we could have a cracking election about this. Somehow though, I doubt your party will be running on a platform of “Vote for us and we will get rid of CPP”; or “Vote for us and maternity leave will be a thing of the past”, any time soon. But now we know that’s the direction it wants to take Canada. Thanks again for the head’s up.

With most of the organizations/editorials/op-ed’s coming out against this move or shaking their head at what caused the government to stumble into a crisis of their own making – even from the normally Conservative friendly editorial board at the Post, and a couple of prominent columnists of theirs – I’m not surprised Stephen galloped to the rescue.

However, as Adam Radwanski mused, you have to wonder if this was Stephen freelancing, or if his friends/sources in the CPC have given him their real impressions/thoughts of why the government apparently is determined to go through with this boneheaded decision, and he’s articulating them.

Whatever it was, it will make for good material to go after the CPC and their supporters on.


3 comments to So Mr. Taylor and I agree on the census thing…

  • kjmartin

    I wonder where Warren Kinsella stands on this. He is the TOP liberal strategist?

    Ooops Just read his blog. He hates it! So if he is going to be the strategist heading into the next election I would hope that the top dogs listen to him.

    • @kjmartin, Great.. so you have Warren on one side as the major Liberal who opposes the mandatory longform.. now how about the conservatives on the other side?

      Why, the Canadian Jewish Congress opposes it, as does the Fellowship of Christian Evangelicals. The National Post editorial board thinks it’s a dumb move, as do Tasha Kheriddian and Kelly McParland. Peter Worthington of the Sunemdia group also has said this move is unnecessary. Tom Flanagan, Harper’s mentor, called this a move from Harper, with Tony Clement being “Harper’s errand boy”. He also stated this came out of nowhere, as conservatives have never had an issue before this with the census.

      Not exactly bleeding heart liberals there.

  • ck

    Seniors groups are already pissed. CARP has already taken a poll amongst the 55 + set (sorry,don’t have link; when I find it I will supply it). Anyhow, as you know, the 55+ group is generally the largest demographic that tends to vote harpercon. They’re saying that if Steve and Tony don’t relent, they will more than likely park their next votes elsewhere. A poll has indicated in this demographic (done by CARP) that Harpercons support amongst the elderly has dropped by 10% and hints at continuing to drop.

    What Harpercons also fail to remember is that particular demographic is the largest group that shows up to vote on election day.

    My question: If it’s out that Steve planned to scrap the CPP, old age pension and other programs for seniors, would they still rush to vote Harpercon in droves? They may be conservative thinkers with regards to the military, tough on crime and personal responsibility; but would they be willing to lose their access to their programs?

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