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Musings on ‘coincidences’

Nearly 2 days ago, Conservative supporter and activist Sara Landriault complains loudly to SunMedia she can’t apply for a job in the federal civil service because the specific job position she applied to was looking specifically for a visible minority or aboriginal. The spokesperson for this particular department said they as a department had not met the requirements laid out by the Employment Equity Act, hence the requirement for this specific job. (which, I might add, was first brought in by that bleeding heart liberal Brian Mulroney).

Today, (or yesterday, depending when you read this) Jason Kenny and Stockwell Day have been tripping over each other in saying they don’t believe in affirmative action programs, and will review the policy.

That seems awfully coincidental to me. I don’t have any proof of course that this was pre-planned, and I may be accused of being paranoid, but if it wasn’t pre-planned, the Conservatives jumped at the opportunity awfully quickly to do this review once they saw this being bleated by the Sun. Colour me sceptical though that they were opportunistic with this announcement.

As an aside, between the tampering on the Census, and now this preliminary move (not yet finalized of course – I don’t believe they can abolish the Employment Equity Act with a secret order-in-council. I believe they must amend or end the act in a Parliamentary vote), it almost looks like Harper has decided he’s throwing caution to the wind and going for an all-in-culture-war strategy for his election campaign. Appeal to the base, and hope that enough of them show up to give him more seats then the folks who oppose these moves. If that’s supposed to win anything more then a minority though, I don’t see it right now.


12 comments to Musings on ‘coincidences’

  • 900ft jesus

    that was my first thought as well, Scott. I saw the actual job posting, and it very clearly states it is open only to aboriginals and visible minorities, and since S.L. claims she read the posting to see if she qualified, she’s lying. She would have known immediately that the competition was closed to her.

    I don’t buy her claim that Lilley just happened to read her blog that day and called her the next. Until this fiasco, she’s been pretty low traffic, and really, with all Lilley has to do in his new job, is it credible that he would take time out to scan a self professed, uneducated stay-at-home-mom’s blog? She called him, or some CON who then called Lilley to make another distracting issue, appeal to that insane base, and take the heat of the Stats Can screw up.

    Then Kenney and Day not only posting statements on the issue within a day or two, but doing multiple interviews with right wing friendly journalists. Not the usual “no comment” or “could not be reached” this time, but a get the hell out of my way and hand me the mike.

    Complaints like S.L.’s are published regularly in letters to the editor, but this one ridiculous case makes the news and prompts several public reactions from two high profile CONs? I don’t think you’re paranoid. There’s way too much coming together here for this to be coincidence.

  • WalksAlone

    It may be the reason that I’m alone but for me when you work for Canada, the first requirement is that your Canadian. If you work for a province, you were born in that province. If your work for a city, you were born in that city. How can someone with no background show an old monkey new tricks???

  • An “all-in culture war strategy”… I concur.
    So what’s next?

    – Public financing of parties is sure to come up again… but that could be during the campaign.
    – Québec-bashing? That will play in many quarters…
    – Death penalty debate resurrection (forgive the pseudo-pun)… maybe… esp. if there is a tragic child killing over the summer – the ReformCons would take advantage of that.
    – Abortion rights – hmmm.. I dunno if they would go there right now.

    What else? If it’s all-in, thne it’s all-in, correct?

  • Good post and comments.

    Interesting timing indeed, and moves the media spotlight away from the Cons’ cancellation of the long-form census debacle and more G20 revelations.

  • William M

    I’d like to know why conservatives want to work in government.

    • TofKW

      @William M,

      Because Reformatories are hypocrites.

      Also this woman was not hired because she was white, she was not hired because of her resume. Look at her work history. She should aim for something more along the lines of a donut shop cashier.

      Furthermore, bilingualism is also a usual requirement for many jobs in the federal civil service. That may have been a factor she failed to mention.

    • Heh. You’d be amazed at the number of libertarians I know from my Carleton days that now work for the federal government as paper pushers. Not to worry though, they’re keeping the freedom flame burning bright!

  • Andrea M

    Sara also blogs on Blogging Tories. Link:

  • slg

    Excuse me? When you apply for a job they don’t tell you stuff like that.

    They don’t say you didn’t get because you’re not a minority or because you’re a woman.

    At least not when I applied a couple of times years ago.

    I think she’s making it up and assuming it’s because she’s white.

    • ck

      I did a post about this a few days ago and I didn’t even think to put your point down, slg, but you’re absolutely correct. These appplication simply encourage you to indicate if you have a disability, or if you’re a woman (in the case of non-traditional work like construction or cabinet making; those companies get subsidies for hiring women) and visible minorities, but it’s optional to fill out and they may well give priority to those groups due to subsidies, but they will never ever tell the applicant that.

      As for the civil service; what a load of hogwash! I’m a civil servant for the department of health and social services for the government of Quebec and guess what, ladies n’ gents? I’m white!!

      Sara Landriault, by her own admission has no marketable skills employers are looking for today, no education and has no work experience, at least, not in the last decade. Employers be they from the public or private sectors for the most part do balk at gaps in candidates’ cvs, speeking from experienc here. They always will. It’s a matter of learning to be creative. There are community groups everywhere; one must find them and take advantage of them; they have professional consultants in HR; I’ve used them countless times and found their advice invaluable.

      Instead of whining to wingnuts like Brian Lilley, she should do like everyone else does; start at the bottom of the ladder at a crappy job for crappy pay. Go back to school; take up training programs. Upgrade skills.

      She has no idea how good she really has it.

  • Toe

    There are no ‘coincidences’ when it comes to these players. I won’t say more, cuz you’ll just warn me again, LOL. But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s more serious than that, it is all-out culture war and racism is a present and clear danger here, as it is elsewhere in the G20. What was agreed to we will never know. The media didn’t tell us. Ridding itself of affirmative action is simply part of the plan. What is the plan? I have no idea, except it is about global harmonization.

  • Harper has to show some progress to his base. They are getting restless, I think.

    Where’d he get the mandate for this?

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