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Here’s a great example of why Harper wants to gut StatsCanada

Some people have mused that the longform census mandatory form being axed is less of an attempt to bolster the Conservative Tea Party base, then it is to make data less reliable that might cause Harper and his Conservative government grief.

Take this report this morning released by Statistics Canada. It provides very inconvenient facts to counter his ideological rants on the “tough on crime” legislation the Conservatives insist is needed:

Crime rate continues to drop, StatsCan finds

The numbers, rates and severity of crimes reported to police dropped again last year, continuing a 10-year trend, Statistics Canada reports. The numbers fly in the face of the federal Tory government’s fretting about crime and the need for tougher laws and sentences. While the statistics show a long-term decline in crime rates, the federal government continues to stress the threat. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews own web site says: “Unfortunately, our safe streets and healthy communities are increasingly under threat of gun, gang and drug violence.”

You might be wondering how and where Statistics Canada gets its data from:

Statistics Canada said its data are drawn from a census survey of all crimes known to, and substantiated by, police services, which uses a national standard of common categories and definitions.

I won’t be surprised if Harper and his band of ideological numskulls tries to find some way to prevent the agency from using these stats as well, since it directly contradicts his government’s line on this, and it’s a non-partisan government agency doing it using FACTS.


8 comments to Here’s a great example of why Harper wants to gut StatsCanada

  • tetedepapineau

    I’ve lived in Ottawa most of my life, worked in both public and private sectors. Statistics Canada built an excellent reputation. Then the debate on abortion started and the LIBERAL government forced Stascan to stop gathering data on abortions in Canada. The horrible facts that Statscan was gathering did not suit their “progressive” ideology. That is a fact. And here we are today on the slippery slope. Own up to your own role, you humanist “progressives”, before you point the finger.

  • billg

    I dont get it. The Long census had no play in this data, and, Harper the tyrant had no desire to withhold this information from everyday Canadians, and, you agree that not filling out a census should result in fines or jail time.
    You sure your a Liberal?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @billg, duh! it’s about the Conservative’s contempt for facts. The long form census is just the first step to ideology over fact based governance.

      You sure you have a brain?

  • Alison S

    Our crime rate has been dropping for years. Sounds as if we need a dozen new prisons, if you’re a Reformatory that is. Must be something about the name! Facts? Who needs them? They just get in the way of ideology.

  • Conservatives have been crying about “stats” and Stats Can for years. Whenever you beat them in a debate about crime, the economy, immigration, or anything else vital to our national well-being, they trot out the old chestnut about “lies, damned lies, and statistics”… I never met a Con-servative of the Reform-a-Tory ilk who was friendly towards StatsCan. They always viewed it as an arm of the Liberal Party. They despised how actual statistics from StatsCan defeated all their arguments on their pet issue of crime and punishment…

    F&$king morons. It’s that simple. It really is. A bunch of angry mostly Prairie cry-babies who cried and complained for years. Now that they are the target of the complaints they’d rather hide the evidence that points out their neanderthal, luddite ideals as false.

  • Olaf

    So they use long form census data, even though long form census data doesn’t include self-reported crimes? God, the statisticians are good!

    Also, I don’t know if a drop in crime necessarily suggests remedial measures are necessarily unwarranted, any more than if your house was flooded, and the water levels dropped marginally, you should be expected just swim your way into the kitchen and take no action to remedy the situation. (Oh, don’t worry honey, the water levels have dropped, so quit your bellyaching. Do I have to show you the water measurements again? We’re down to only 55% flooded!)

    Alternatively, if the Conservatives are claiming these measures are specifically required in order to combat rising crime rates, instead of just combating a relatively constant social malignancy, then they’re fully open to ridicule.

  • Torontonian

    One press release used the word “reported” referring to the crime statistics. That’s enough for the conservatives to work with: e.g., “how many crimes go unreported?” That’s all the ammunition they need to din it into our ears worse than talk radio and its pet subjects.

  • How dare Statistics Canada release those figures without the permission of the PMO?

    Insurrection! Jedi Knights! Bedrooms of the people! Peter MacKay’s dog ate my emails!

    oh sorry … I was imagining the cluster f**k at the Cabinet meeting.

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