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A Song In Support of the LongForm Census – ‘Count Me In’

Who says Canadians don’t care about the Census controversy! Check this song that was made by a group of Canadians regarding the Census, called “Count Me In!” – sung in support of keeping the mandatory longform Census:


3 comments to A Song In Support of the LongForm Census – ‘Count Me In’

  • Highwayman

    You know, I can remember a time when people actually resented having endless bureaucracy thrown at them, especially if accompanied by threats to their financial well-being or personal freedom if they didn’t comply with it. Actually, now, when I think about it, there weren’t as many threats because government wasn’t allowed to control the people like the way it does now. My belief is that each succeeding generation is becoming just a little more beaten-down and complacent, willing to accept just about anything that authority figures say is in their best interest, not willing to appear different or (God forbid!) controversial, even troublesome, in a world gone crazy with political-correctness.

    Despite knowing this, I am still amazed at the level of opposition this intelligent about-face to a horrendous violation of human rights and freedoms has generated! This country’s founders vehemently opposed any form of government predomination, and censuses originally were never employed except as a means of counting heads. In my opinion, any true democracy would do away with a mandatory census, however, suffice to say that any ‘request’ for information accompanied by the threat of fines and/or imprisonment speaks of something other than a democracy.

    Apparently, we as a society have become used to the idea of being managed like livestock, actually finding security in increased government interference in most aspects of our lives, something akin to living in a cattle pen with heavy posts and rails separating us, the herd, from any real or imagined dangers beyond it’s confines.

    I’m all for voluntary submission of “data” for those content or anxious to publish their personal lives, perhaps fulfilling some voyeuristic need they might have… but, you can leave me out of it, thanks.

  • Kartoon

    What a strange country we live in. Groups of people get together and record a song in support of public policy and practices. I applaud their efforts. The cynical decision to gut the Census and break the chain of authoritative data collection is a travesty and little more than intellectual vandalism catering to the primitives who support the Cons. Evil Steve must be made to pay for this abomination.

  • Big Winnie

    That was great!!

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