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A word about sulphur

Apparently, some folks on the Conservative side are a tad upset at some sulphur comparison Mr. Ignatieff made about Harper; some of the usual suspects in the media too. Some folks don’t have very long memories about certain Conservative smear campaigns against present and past Liberal leaders – but hey, Harper didn’t say those smear campaign stuff directly – his sycophants and MP’s did -  whereas Iggy did say it as a direct description, so that’s apparently horrible.

(I can attest to sulphur smelling like rotten eggs, by the way. I grew up in an area with lots of farms that used sulphur wells. Nasty stuff.)

Above and beyond all of this silliness,  I suspect the sulphur dig was  just a clever and so far successful attempt to draw media attention to the Liberals “Liberal Express” tour they’re doing across the country. And, the Conservatives and their war room are responding in kind, giving even more publicity to it. So, well done to the Liberals if that was indeed a tactic designed to get some summer publicity for the tour.  I hope Iggy and the Liberals can do something positive with it – besides shaking hands and kissing babies. (The revamped website, and in particular their policy/issues section, is a start).


10 comments to A word about sulphur

  • Stan

    The Sulfur Express gets towed to Harper Diesel for repairs..
    Beware the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!!!


  • trout

    Nano-thermite or “super thermite” is classed as an explosive.
    A mixture of thermite and SULFUR produces thermate which lowers the melting point of the iron it contacts when reacting by forming a eutectic system.
    This is useful in cutting through steel.

  • ridenrain

    The local NDP are definately eating Iggy’s lunch over this little bus stop. Must be pretty frightening when you stop running with the leaders and see Jack and his jackals comming up fast.
    All the talk and bluster of confronting the Conservatives falls away when they keep backing away from votes that would actually result in an election. Even the Liberal senators got into the act over this one. I guess their getting fed up watching this dog & pony show too and were looking to move us all closer to an election.

  • I can see the election ads now. A side-by-side shot of Iggy and Chavez with their “sulfur” comments on screen. Yup, plagerizing Chavez is a definate winning strategy.

  • Jennifer Pollock

    In Alberta we know the smell of sulphur is a sign of the potentially deadly sour gas. Hydrogen sulphide is found in natural gas. At low concentrations it smells like sulphur and it’s odourless to humans at high concentrations. In some areas of Alberta, the concentration is so high that a blow out of a sour gas well could kill people and animals for miles around. If Harper doesn’t smell like sulphur it could be he is toxic.

    Funny how Ignatieff’s comment can be translated by Canadians into the local context. Could be a sign of a useful metaphor.

  • ridenrain

    The bus is fuled by low sulpher diesel? Did someone even remember to fill up the bus?

  • If the shoe fits where it! Iggy has my full support on this one.

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