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Monday’s macabre

A few things today:

The Sun Media chain, apparently not content with its one loathsome editorial on the G-G, decided to engage in an almost similar loathsome one on Omar Khadr today (I’d rather link to my progressive colleague Pogge then directly to it).  Kory Teneycke has been rather bored, it appears, and decided to dally in the editorials for a couple of days.

Speaking of macabre, this fits the definition nicely too:

Alligator bites off man’s hand in Florida canal

Florida wildlife officials say a 10-foot (3-meter) alligator bit off a man’s hand while he was swimming in a canal with friends..Officials managed to catch the gator and retrieve the hand from its stomach, and doctors may be able to reattach the hand.

Speaking of Omar Khadr, some very compelling exchanges between him and the military tribunal today, explaining why he fired his lawyers:

He said there’s no chance of him receiving a fair trial, regardless of his legal representation. To that end, Khadr also said he’d fired his court-appointed military lawyer. “If I was in a formal court, I wouldn’t be doing this,” said Khadr, the only westerner still in custody at Guantanamo Bay and the notorious prison’s youngest inmate. “But because I’m in this court, I am forced to do this …. How can I ask for justice from a process that doesn’t have it?”

“I’m going to get 30 years no matter what,” he said.

In a tense, one-hour hearing, Khadr _ seeming confident in his decision and smiling occasionally _ revealed that military prosecutors once offered him a deal: to plead guilty of war crimes and receive a 30-year sentence but serve only five years. He turned it down, saying he had no intention of pleading guilty.

This kangaroo court process – which President Obama to his discredit has allowed to go forward – could also be defined as macabre.


2 comments to Monday’s macabre

  • Since I don’t read the loathsome Ottawa Sun, I haven’t read any of its loathsome op-ed pieces.

    Since you are justified in not linking to it, could you at least provide a date for its loathsome piece about the G-G so I can look for it?

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