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Stay classy, SunMedia (if that’s possible)

Look, I know this media organization is right-wing by nature and always has been, but this is going a bit over the top when the editorial in their paper this morning reads, ‘Hip, hip hooray for the white GG’

As one of my fellow Liberal bloggers said today on Twitter, “I guess they figured the headline ‘Thank God it’s not another minority or a woman’ would have been too wordy”

..or perhaps too obvious. No surprise either that they had to shut down their comments section from their redneck base piling on in agreement. Despite that right-wing tilt, there are still a couple of good journalists who work at Sunmedia;  I’d be shocked if they’re actually proud of this particular editorial.

I’d also predict  this is a hint of the “not boring” programming we’d get on Sun TV, if its application was ever accepted.  That’s all the more reason I hope it either gets rejected, or at the least, not given a license that forces satellite and cable providers to take it.


10 comments to Stay classy, SunMedia (if that’s possible)

  • slg

    You don’t have to be left or right to know it’s wrong to be a bigot. Harper wants the ethnic votes? He better have Tory change the channel here.

  • philosoraptor

    What.The.F*ck? How did they think that headline would look? Is this a joke?

    • Sunmedia a joke? Yes.

      I posted about this yesterday, they really have gone off the deep-end. I’m sure Aikin’s feeling pretty happy about his decision.

  • leeky – forget the Con spin. Even the Globe & Mail (home to right whiners Simpson, Blatchford, Murphy, Wente, Tabor etc.) is not falling for that attack CBC game:

    “Now that’s what I call funny. Attacking the CBC is kinda redundant. First, the CBC keeps shooting itself in the foot. Second, CBC has bent and twisted so much to accommodate conservative views that, with the shot-up foot and all, it is staggering around, bleeding, disoriented and struggling to figure out the way forward.”

    Bye Kory, you dominated the CBC airwaves for months. All I saw when I turned on CBC was Kory or Levant. It may not be a right-leaning network but it is ‘increasing’ in its attempts to be.

  • leeky

    “…the increasingly right-leaning CBC…”

    Thanks for the laugh, Jymn!

  • DavidA: ‘useless douche Pareta’ – nice. I take it you are a Conservative.

    ‘Torstar crowd’ may start screaming racism, but will the right-wing national news monopoly (NP, Canwest, rest of SunMedia, CTV, Macleans) now echo the ‘white GG’ celebration of the Ottawa Sun? The Torstar voice is suddenly drowned out, unless the increasingly right-leaning CBC chimes in to counter the Mel Gibsonish SunMedia column discussed here. But I guess you would prefer to begrudge the other side having one by using ad hominem attacks against people who haven’t even posted about it yet.

    Stay classy, DavidA!

  • DavidA

    I would assume then, Chrystal, that you said the exact same thing when the media were cheering on Jean’s innate “blackness”?

    You are correct in noting that gender and skin colour mean nothing, but I suggest that the article in question is more about how we should not fear appointing whitey.

    Unless the torstar crowd is gonna start screaming racism.

    Cue the useless douche Pareta….

  • Toe

    The rednecks will stop cheering and grow up when they realize and truly understand the Senate has their own code of ethics re: second sober thought. This old white guy may turn out to be their worst nightmare if he is as neutral as they say. And something tells me he’ll be initiated by the Senate as a whole, not just the Cons. As a whole the Senate is very powerful and very persuasive and should never be under estimated. Here’s hoping.

  • When I saw that headline tweeted, I assumed it was a creation of the tweeter, not the real thing. Am stunned that any media org could claim to be reputable, yet run something like that.

    When will people, and particularly those responsible for the media Canadians read, stop focusing on ethnicity, colour, gender or sexual identity?

    What, in the present case, does gender or the colour of his skin have to do with his qualifications for the job?!

  • ck

    I just read it.

    They closed their comments section probably because they wouldn’t be able to handle the influx of us lefties shouting them down.

    I kinda always hoped for Rick Hansen. But, I guess that whole “Man in Motion” in a wheelchair thing would be too politically incorrect for them.

    As for Johnston being non partisan; that remains to be seen. I have a feeling this stuffed shirt from the man in the grey flannel suit generation may have sold his soul to the devil like many of the senators ol’ sweater vest STeve appointed have.

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