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‘This isn’t Canada’

That’s what this York Region police officer tells these folks:

When there’s a G20 Summit in Canada, Canada isn’t Canada anymore, according to this officer. And some people are out there (including some Liberals, I might add) telling me we shouldn’t be worried about losing rights in this country?

(Thanks to fellow blogger Jeff Jedras for spotting this)


6 comments to ‘This isn’t Canada’

  • If it wasn’t Canada then those police had no authority to be policing in a foreign land. Anyone who may have been charged with assaulting a police officer or whatever, any charge should not be convicted because if it wasn’t Canada than Canadian laws do not apply.

  • Jay

    Libs are doing nothing again which at this point is what I’m planning to do the next time I vote. Why bother? So many thongs need reversing that we know of and I doubt Ignatieffs finds many of them unpalatable.

  • Anon ABC

    Good post, Scott. First a fake law and then a “fake” pronouncement that Canada isn’t Canada during the G-20? Lol. Why are the officers wearing the Canadian flag on their shoulders then?

    Anything short of a full public inquiry will not suffice. My impression is that the NDP is at least pressing for one. Where do the Libs stand on this? They should be concerned — many of the angry folks who voted for them in Toronto could just switch their votes to the NDP or Green in protest since it appears that Harper will never win a majority.

    • ck

      Perhaps they should have changed the name to St-Steveville

    • ck

      No this certainly doesn’t feel like Canada neither. Not as of late.

      I caught that video and passed it to a friend who is supposed to add it to his montage, among others for our vigil tomorrow night.

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