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Brief thoughts on the next Governor-General

I see here and there that some people are saying that the retiring Speaker of the House of Commons, Peter Miliken, would make a really good governor-general.

They’re probably correct: even though I think he’s been a bit softer then he should have been on enforcing decorum during Question Period, and on some other issues, he has a background in Parliamentary procedure and rules, and probably knows a fair bit about the conventions that the Governor-General needs to follow in their role as Canada’s head of state.

He would also give Harper the chance to show he is not being a partisan in picking the next governor-general….

..which is why I’ll be highly surprised if Harper does that. If he does, I’ll eat crow, but it’s not in Harper’s character to pass up a chance to put someone in a position that sees things from his point of view. Preston Manning is much more likely then Peter Miliken.


9 comments to Brief thoughts on the next Governor-General

  • If it’s a partisan-political appointment, I’ll be surprised – unlike stacking Senates or Supreme Courts, Harper would get no distinct political advantage by having a crony in what’s really a ceremonial position. By selecting a liberal character, though, he might calculate (as he does) that it could help soften his image and woo the rest of us to his side….

    Either that, or he nominates Ignatieff.

  • Gary

    Cari GG is representative of the Queen and I understand they never appear together at official functions. That is my understanding of the protocol during official business – except of course if the GG is having an audience with the Queen.

    As for the replacement, I hope it not a female CBC left wing hack like the last too.A westerner or a maritimer would be appropriate, Someone from a political, or business background, or anything other than the arrogant artsy fartsy Toronto-Montreal centric “cultural elite”. We’ve had enough of them, for two lifetimes. They have little or no contact with or understanding of an average Canadian or the life or perspective of real Canadians outside the confines of the CBC self referrential bubble.

    The last two GG’s represented the narrowest slice of Canada possible.

    • Mak


      Of course. No more artsy-fartsy. A real Canadian. Someone everyone can relate to. Maybe Uncle Bob, from the farm. He speaks English. And Pig.
      No wait, better yet. A *lumberjack*.

      I’m open to someone from the Western provinces, or a Maritimer, certainly. But please, let Harper choose someone like Michelle Jean: someone with class, someone who presents themselves with decorum, and reminds the world that Canada is a nice place with nice people. It’s a largely ceremonial role, being good in public is really all it requires, so let’s get that right, shall we? Let’s not let party politics and petty regionalism dictate the choice.

    • ck

      Would Charles McVety or Mark Steyn or Ezra Levant suit you, perhaps, Gary?

      And what’s your problem with women, Gary? They should be barefoot, pregnant and be always available to fetch master’s slippers?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Gary, um Gary you do know the GG represents the Queen not Canada. You seem ill at ease with the 21st century. Would a residential cave suit you more?

  • The GG is supposed to be non political…… at least if Harper chose Peter, we know he wouldn’t bow down to Harper’s every whim.
    Speaking of the GG, could she not have gone to China a different week, so she could be with the Queen, instead of photo ops for Harper!

  • Ian

    Harper did make Gary Doer the ambassador to the USA (although that may have been to get a popular NDP leader out of the country).

  • ck

    I also think it will be Preston Manning (groan!); Besides, Milliken said he would stay until next election; new gg must be in place by September. While we’re more than certain that Steve will call election this Fall, we can’t really be sure as to when that will be.

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