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A PR tip for Toronto Police and Chief Bill Blair (+ a Facebook group/page promo)

I’m no PR specialist, but trying to justify your tactics on the weekend by displaying confiscated weapons that had nothing to do with the G20 is probably not going to help you win new converts to your propaganda effort.

I’m sure part of that attempted PR ploy has come about in response to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association report on police actions over the weekend, and it slams the conduct of the police:

It is the opinion of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association that police conduct during the G20 summit was, at times, disproportionate, arbitrary and excessive. In our view, despite instances of commendable and professional conduct, the policing and security efforts, especially after 5 p.m. on June 26 and June 27, failed to demonstrate commitment to Canada’s constitutional values.

..Unfortunately, we consider that the abuses chronicled in this report exceed the threshold of a few isolated incidents. In our view, they represent instances of inappropriate policing that cannot simply be swept away as the G20 ends. They demand accountability.

The Facebook group Canadians Demanding A Public Inquiry Into Toronto G20, has reached over 23 000 members and steadily climbing. I encourage you to join it, as well as the Facebook Page of the same group (they’d like to have people join the Page as well as the group, as they are able to communicate by mail with people even if it goes over 5000 people, which they are unable to do with the group).

EDIT: I should mention that the Liberals response to the goings-on of the G20 is a public letter released by Mark Holland. My beef with it is that it seems to focus more on the decision to hold the summit in downtown Toronto in the first place rather then the concerning police tactics (though obviously the former point is a valid criticism as well), though it does mention an important point – the Integrated Security Unit was co-ordinated from the Privy Council Office, not Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.


3 comments to A PR tip for Toronto Police and Chief Bill Blair (+ a Facebook group/page promo)

  • Good for you, Scott. We’re on it too at DJ!

    • ck

      Hi Fern, Scott,
      As am I at SSM!
      Again, too many things just don’t compute, although pieces slowly start fitting with everyone of Blair’s lies we find out about.

  • slg

    I’m so tired of all the hype about this. Really, I am.

    So every person that tells (probably an exaggerated story) is to be believed, no questions asked.

    What a bunch of woosies Canadians have turned out to be.

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