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The after-reaction to the G20 debacle in Toronto

Well, initial thoughts:

When Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun is critical of police actions on Sunday, you know the police and authorities seriously screwed up. Even the National Post in this column (update – and this column) wasn’t impressed.

Steve Paikin of TVO, who witnessed what he described as excessive force by the police on Saturday night on a peaceful protest, calls what occurred this weekend A Rough Weekend for Democracy.

Here’s another example of the police acting like tough guys against a crowd that did nothing to deserve this – unless they were offended by the crowd singing O Canada:

By the way, where was this bunch of police when the 50-100 or so “Black Bloc” thugs was trashing businesses in downtown Toronto on Saturday?

Also, go read this; a 2 for 1 article for you.

UPDATE: One other thing. You probably noted a rush by politicians of various stripes and parties jumping over each other in their eagerness to denounce the black bloc violence on Saturday. That was the correct thing to do, and I join them in their denunciations. However, you haven’t seen too many of those same politicians saying much today about the reports from various independent media about the excessive use of force police used on crowds that weren’t doing anything but peaceful protests.


27 comments to The after-reaction to the G20 debacle in Toronto

  • ridenrain

    “we don’t comment on events as they unfold”

    Where’s the rest of the party, or are they not empowered to speak?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, that’s rich Ridenrain. How tightly do the muzzles fit on Conservative MPs.

      You’re attempt at concern troll is weak and unconvincing

  • ridenrain

    We heard Chow leading one of the parades so we know where the NDP stands.
    All we hear from the Liberal party is “we don’t comment on events as they unfold”. So where is Iggy? England, Hopefully seeing his children.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, cripes Ridenrain can all you do is assinuate and gossip? An NDP MP goes to a protest and suddenly according to you, going to protests is NDP policy, or wearing bandanas, or dreadlocks, you didnt really specify what in your straw man argument.

      As for Ignatieff do you live in a cave? He’s at his daughter’s graduation in Scotland.

      Education, Ridenrain… Ignatieff’s daughter has one and it’s never too late for you.

      Use your brain Ridenrain before it’s too late.

  • I’m very disappointment that our leaders seem to believe that the proper response is to curtail our freedom of expression and right of peaceful assembly right at a time — the G20 — when we want and need to assert those rights.

    It’s time — past time, I say — for our leaders to stand up and be counted. Do they support these mass arrests? Or do they support our rights and recognize that the wrongful actions of a few should not be used to collectively deny the rights and freedoms of many?

  • ridenrain

    Definately not scientific but I’d be very suprised if similar polls across the nation got different results:

    Today’s Poll Results
    Is Canada too soft on violent protesters like the Black Bloc?
    Yes (92%)
    No (8%)

    I think this angle just puts the Liberals too deep into NDP territory. The Libs can’t win by out-lefting the NDP, they need to be seen as a favorable alternative to the Conservatives. The NDP can afford to bitch but never come up with a plan because they will never form government like that.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, hmm basing your theory on a web poll from a talk radio station. No way to determine repeated voting plus it’s obvious from the phrasing that this is geared towards the stations listeners. Well Im sure if I got a bunch of right wingers to fill out an online poll Im pretty sure I could get similar results. Doesnt make it scientific or accurate. Plus 92%? Have you ever studied statistics Ridenrain? Im pretty sure the polling size, biased background of the audience and lack of controls to stop repeat voting have pretty much made the poll null.

      What is this angle that you speak of? The online poll for a talk radio station in Abbotsford? As for the NDP never coming up for a plan because they will never form a government like that: what the hell does this mean?

      Please try to make sense Ridenrain. I know it hurts

  • Timothy

    A billion dollars didn’t buy safety, perhaps the money bought something else, or was it just wasted in corrupt non-compete contracts.Why were demonstrations drawn to Bay St.? The CNE was available. The G8/G20 could have been accommodated on a military base, there was no need to turn Toronto into a fortress. Would any one in their right mind draw demonstrations to Wall St.? Why did the Conservatives require such a showcase for such a ineffective meeting?

    I am very saddened. In watchful vigilance I pray we brought extra oil to bring light in the long night.

  • Why did you take out the reference to Mark Steyn?

  • ridenrain

    Go out next day and throw a chair through a store window and tell me how that goes. Without the screen and support of so many useful idiots, these punks would have been identified and removed in short order. Do you seriously believe these cowards would have continued if they knew the crowd was against them?
    Outside of the CBC, there’s almost no support for the “poor protesters” spin. Most people simply stop listening after they hear of the vandalism. The Tamil Tiger protesters had more favorable press than these goons.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, Outside of the CBC, there’s almost no support for the “poor protesters” spin. Oh really Ridenrain where are you getting that detail? Is it a fact or simply another concoction of your imagination.

  • Timothy

    “Is vigilante behaviour by citizens really your answer?”

    Unfortunately yes, it was only through vigilante behavoiour the police provocateurs where exposed in Montreal 2007.
    Police Provocateurs are always present at world summits. That is not really a question. The question is separating the provocateurs from the useful idiots. Does it even matter. Therefore he who is prudent will keep silent in such a time; for it is an evil time. Because of the increased wickedness, the love of most has grown cold. Must we accept our hopeless fate to be crushed under the heel, we live in a land where liberty and justice is lost.

    Therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves hating evil and loving good establish justice, faithful until death.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Timothy, I was referring to Ridenrain’s theory of people attacking the black bloc not the vigilante behaviour that you suggest. Your’s has a point, his point was for average citizens to rise up and defend their city’s honour.

  • ridenrain

    Then why did so many upstanding citizens let their city and their reputation be tarnished by masked thugs?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, what do want them to do? Pick up pitchforks and chase the monster out of town?

      Is vigilante behaviour by citizens really your answer? Do you ever spend time amongst society outside of your computer keyboard? Do you think having an average citizen “defend” their city against masked thugs is really a good answer?

      You broke the plateau again.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, Looking at the news, the thugs that seem to be having their reputation tarnished are the cops. Maybe better cops is the answer there.

  • ridenrain

    What?? I thought the Black Block were undercover cops.. or maybe the cops were undercover Black Block.
    Whatever spin is being applied to it just isn’t getting traction, especially when we get these moonbat socialists who speak out in support of such wanton destruction. Average Canadians, ie. everyone outside of Toronto, don’t support wanton destruction, looting and don’t buy this “poor protester” spin.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, There goes Ridenrain again, showing that there is no plateau to his stupidity. He just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

      Consider this Ridenrain, the population of Greater Toronto is higher than the prairie and maritime provinces combined. That means there are more Canadians in Toronto. And yes Ridenrain the majority of them are average Canadians.

      Care to be even more of an ignorant fool?

      • kjmartin

        @Jon Pertwee, John. I am trying to figure out what relevance your comment has to what ridenrains is? oh sorry..just a chance for you to sling your normal insults but make no sense again. you surely do belong here!!!!

        • Jon Pertwee

          @kjmartin, you do crack me up sometimes kj. Ridofbrain loves to talk about average Canadians yet the demographic he regularly refers to comprises a minority. So his concept of average is skewed. Any time you need me to dumb it down for you feel free to ask.

        • kjmartin

          @kjmartin, go ahead jon..dumb it excel at that!!

  • CWTF

    The only reason the Post seems sympathetic is because some of their own were arrested. Harper will give those photogs a special past next time…

    From all accounts, the police acted like thugs and bullies and some wonder why they deserve so little respect. These assmonkeys were drunk on power. The National Post readers are mostly psychotic and I wish we could ship them to some Island for the insane.

  • The comments on the NP articles made me throw up a bit. There’s something wrong with those people.

  • CWTF

    The ultimate solution, of course, would have been not to hold the G20 in downtown Toronto.

    I think that we need extremists like the “Black Bloc” just to show the extremes. If not, no one would be talking about police abuses.

  • Ronald Servant

    “where was this bunch of police when the 50-100 or so “Black Bloc” thugs was trashing businesses in downtown Toronto on Saturday?”

    On Saturday, I believe the police didn’t properly plan on how to deal with the “Black Bloc”. On Sunday we saw the adjustment they made.

    Does anyone know what kind of property damage occurred on Sunday vs. Saturday?

    I’m not saying I support what the police did, just an observation.

    The ultimate solution, of course, would have been not to hold the G20 in downtown Toronto.

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