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A specific example of why I’m lukewarm at best with the Ontario Liberal government.

Many folks know I’m a federal Liberal supporter and have been for a few years. Many people don’t know I’m not a provincial Liberal member. I do vote for them at elections, but only because the choices/alternatives presented to me haven’t been palatable. I am no big cheerleader of Dalton Mcguinty or his style: I find him far too conservative for my liking.

My disdain for the provincial Liberal government  is not helped by the news they passed a secret law giving the Toronto police extraordinary powers for the G8/G20 – perhaps even unconstitutional, as I don’t see how this is compatible with the Charter. This is the sort of thing I expect a Conservative government to do – such as Mike Harris in Ontario, or yes, Stephen Harper – not a Liberal government to do.  And this is why while Mcguinty is Premier, I’ll probably continue to vote for them, but I certainly won’t go out of my way to actively support them.

Who knows – if Andrea Horwath impresses me during an election campaign, perhaps I’ll vote for her and the provincial NDP.

UPDATE: My fellow (federal) Liberal blogger Impolitical isn’t exactly enamoured with what our provincial Liberal cousins have done either with this law.

UPDATE 2: And yet another fellow federal Liberal supporter blogger isn’t pleased either that the provincial Liberals and Mcguinty are doing their best imitation of a Conservative government.

UPDATE 3 @ 9:32 pm: Well, we now have a Charter of Rights challenge from the first protester arrested under these extraordinary sweeping powers. Of course, this won’t affect the Act during the G8/G20 summit, but it’s important to challenge it in case a future government or governments is tempted to use it.


8 comments to A specific example of why I’m lukewarm at best with the Ontario Liberal government.

  • Of course I read the first part of your post, but my question was not pointed solely in your direction. I was just curious as to how anyone could support a government like this, especially after the 2003 election. I remember back then so many people were up in arms but then handed him another victory in 07, but as you say, I guess they cut him some slack.

  • Jay-TO

    Count me in as an NDP supporter next provincial election. Daltons been nothing as advertised. Seems everyone is shifting right to fill the void left by a non progressive progressive conservative party that’s become reform, liberals are now more like PCs were and the NDP are closer to what past liberals were. The same thong seems to be occuring federally. I’m keeping my eye on Iggy. anymore right wing and imbibing the Liberals federally. The final nail was that little discussed G20 regulation allowing cops to arrest people who are out for a walk and nothing else. I pay taxes here why the infringing of my rights?

    • Marie

      Count me out of ever voting NDP on any level. I know how much damage they can do for a province and know as well that they will do nothing about the HST if they were elected. They are very good at breaking the bank any anyone living in BC can attest to that. They are experts like the Cons at making promises they can’t possibly deliver. Sorry but a party that caters merely to unions is not a party that my province needs.

  • So it takes this to cause one to take a second look at the Dalton McGuinty Liberals? I mean with all the lies that come out of his mouth and broken promises, this one instance makes people do a double take? Yeah stick it to the liberals come election time based on this one asinine move and forget all the rest.

    •, I can’t speak for others, but in my particular case, did you even bother to read the start of the blogpost where I said I voted for them because they were the least of the bad options?

      People of like-minded political views will often give a government in power that is more or less compatible with their political viewpoint some slack. However, If a government that is supposedly “Liberal” decides to act in a way against civil liberties that resembles Mike Harris’s Conservative reign, of course we’re going to balk at it.

  • The NDP would do nothing meaningful about the HST. Or perhaps they would back out the lower bracket income tax cuts to reduce it? *sigh*

    This law dates from 1990. I haven’t checked the date (hey, I’m busy). That means it was either Peterson or Rae who invented this anti-democratic law.

  • Thanks for the link (and the traffic), Scott. The NDP has suddenly become much more palatable to me especially with the leader from right here in Hamilton, even though there’s nothing they can do about the HST until 2014 at the earliest. The consolidated sales tax, I could live with short term pain notwithstanding (and the HST is necessary, quite bluntly).

    But this last move by Dalton (just short of declaring martial law) is the last straw for me — he’s not getting my vote next year.

  • Willy

    I too will now be looking at the NDP for the next Ontario election.

    I understand the need for HST both provincially and federally, and for business, but secretive legislation to override our rights, does not cut it.

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