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C.R.U.S.H new national ad to be released on Saturday in G & M!

This latest and newest ad by the C.R.U.S.H folks (Canadians Rallying To Unseat Stephen Harper) has obviously been released to coincide with the billion dollar boondoggle known as the G8/G20 summit:

This ad will appear in the Focus section of the Globe and Mail on Saturday, June 26th (and yes, the national edition, not just the Toronto edition) but C.R.U.S.H is pre-releasing it for us bloggers to publicize, so thank you to them for doing that.


11 comments to C.R.U.S.H new national ad to be released on Saturday in G & M!

  • Nadine_L

    Maybe CRUSH has another big announcement to make. Maybe Scott will be getting an email soon from CRUSH admin.


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  • YankInCanada

    With every major international press in Toronto when this is released, I’m curious to see if it gets picked up and where.

  • canuckguy

    Sounds like someone’s blue kool-aid has turned to vinegar 😉 This ad is an excellent example of Canadians working together to exercise their right to free speech (while we still have that right). Great job, CRUSH.

  • ridenrain

    Maybe Mary Pynenburg could do another CBC poll reguarding the lack of bias on the CBC. Then “Liberal gravy” Graves could hand over some advice.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, that isn’t exactly an argument. Putting out some bluster and talking points is just that.

      Surprisingly you are getting far worse at this.


  • Lexy

    I look forward to seeing the ad and I hope lots of G8/G20-ers also view it! So they can see what an embarrassment of a PM we have and that we don’t like him and don’t agree with his policies.

  • ridenrain


  • jacques

    I love it…”

  • William M


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