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Odd timing.

No doubt many of you have seen this today, where in an exclusive TV interview with CBC, the director of CSIS levels serious accusations that a couple of cabinet ministers in provincial governments and perhaps in BC’s municipal governments are suspected being in the control of “foreign governments”.

I find the public timing of this declaration odd: first off, why would CSIS publicly admit they were suspicious of this and be so specific about where they were looking for Manchurian candidates? Doesn’t that alert those folks CSIS is watching them/investigating them and compromise the investigation? Also, I’m pretty sure that the Prime Minister and/or the Cabinet would have to publicly approve any statements that the director of CSIS would make like this. They surely must have known and approved he was going to level those accusations in public. If that is the case, and the director of CSIS hasn’t gone rogue and publicly mused about this on his own, why would the Conservative government put out a potential “spy scandal” right before all the G8/G20 leaders arrive?

I’m not an expert in any of this of course, but wouldn’t you normally level the accusations either in private, to indicate to these folks under suspicion to back off, or have the RCMP investigate this? Odd timing, as I say, unless Harper wants to tick the Chinese off before they arrive here, since that is the country that is specifically mentioned as a threat for doing this type of stuff.

This was released to the CBC for a specific purpose/reason/motive. Make no mistake.

UPDATE @ 11:55 am: Supposedly, the PMO knows nothing about this. I’m a tad sceptical; particularly when Mcfadden is quoted as saying in that CBC interview he’s been in discussions with the Privy Council Office, which is the official policy wing of the government. The PMO claims it doesn’t know the PCO has been in discussions with CSIS? C’mon guys, give a better excuse then that.


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