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More G8/G20 waste: Over a million $ for the posters you’ll see.

Greg Weston of Sunmedia has really been on a roll cataloguing all the wasteful spending that’s going on at this G8/G20 summit. His latest reveal: the posters you’ll see in the backdrop of all the photo-op shots cost over a million of your taxpayers bucks:

The latest bit of fiscal fun at public expense is $1,102,500 — wait for it — for backdrops in the two meeting halls hosting the summits. No joke: Foreign Affairs is shelling out over a million bucks for those really big banners and signboards commonly used as backdrops behind speakers’ podiums. These will be used mainly to decorate the meeting halls in Toronto and Muskoka where the world leaders will be gathering for their gabfest and photo op.

So, you can add another ridiculous expense to this summit, along with the fake lake, the steamboat, the gazebo, and new toilets 20 km away, that shows the Conservatives are spending taxpayers money like drunken sailors, partially to make themselves look good and get their message out, partially as pork barrel politics.

As an aside, In my opinion, Greg Weston is one of the few reporters at Sunmedia that shows some objectivity and will call the Conservative government out at that chain. One hopes that doesn’t get muzzled once Kory Teneycke gets his claws into Quebecor.


3 comments to More G8/G20 waste: Over a million $ for the posters you’ll see.

  • Willy

    That is the big question, Lexy. Which firms are getting these extravagant contracts and were they tendered? Unfortunately they will probably be labelled as national security items and it will take years to get any facts.

  • Lexy

    $1 m for posters? Unbelievable. I bet they were also printed in the U.S.

    At least the CONS are down in the polls and losing much needed ground in Ontario.

    Can’t fake the people all of the time!

  • ck

    I hope Weston gets to stay too, but if he doesn’t I hope someone else picks him up. Good sign when the pundits are calling him a rampant Liberal.

    Yes, Fox News Canada…yuck! Don’t we already have enough media outlets that are in complete lockstep with Steve? Take a listen at Talk Radio for instance; we’d be hard pressed to find someone more balanced, even newscaster Brian Lilley can’t even deliver the news without it being slanted to the right.

    Rumour has it that Ezzy Levant could get his own show on the big tv screen.

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