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What do you do with money saved from funding cuts to women’s groups & arts/culture?

Well, if you’re the Conservative government, you apparently use some of it to build a fake lake for the G8/G20 conference, and giving reporters special edition Blackberries. From Greg Weston:

Canadian and international journalists covering the G8 summit in Muskoka later this month will be able to file their reports from the leisurely comfort of a cottage dock, their feet dangling in the water, surrounded by the stunning sights and sounds of the fabled Ontario resort country three hours north of Toronto. The only catch is they won’t be anywhere near Muskoka. Instead, the federal government is shelling out millions of dollars to re-create cottage country — complete with a small lake — inside a Toronto convention facility that will warehouse most of the media during the three-day windfest.

Your tax dollars at work.

What does a fake lake look like, you might wonder:

..a sweeping dock surrounded by a “very large water feature” complete with canoes, all facing a big-screen TV the size of a stadium jumbotron creating the sights and sounds of cottage country

And the cost of said fake lake? Why, only 1.9 million $, give or take. Oh, and what about those Blackberries? More from Greg Weston:

We have it on good authority that the usually hum-drum swag bags for media will include brand new “special summit edition” BlackBerrys preloaded with promotional stuff about Muskoka.

Awesome. That makes me want to register as ‘media’ and get myself a free BlackBerry. I wonder how much that will end up costing. I also wonder if this was all ‘Steamboat’ Tony Clement’s idea; since he seems to be the one throwing taxpayers money around as if it grows on trees.

So far, we’ve figured out that part of the 1 billion $ pricetag for the G8/G20 summit includes a 1.9 million $ fake lake, $400 000 to restore a steamboat that wont be ready until after the summit is over, and $100 000 for a gazebo in a village in Tony’s riding that the G8 leaders wont even be in.

Not exactly wise spending of taxpayers money for a summit that again costs hundreds of millions of dollars more (minimum) then prior G8/G20 summits. What is the rest of the money being spent on again? Canadians should be able to see line-by-line item costs here, and see how the Conservative government can justify spending a billion bucks on this summit, and how much of that money is being spent on “miscellaneous” items like gazebos, fake lakes, and steamboats that appear to have nothing to do with the summit.


3 comments to What do you do with money saved from funding cuts to women’s groups & arts/culture?

  • My guess is reporters won’t even see protesters, they’ll be locked away from them.

  • Mike

    It is faux news taken to the logical extreme. Foreign reporters can add “local colour” reports on the natural beauty of Canada without having to go any further than the conveniently created fake beauty provided to them. Heck, they don’t even have to get out there and talk to real Canadians, they can just talk to each other about talking to real Canadians!

    “Welcome to the Mock-skokas! It’s just like being there for people who are just like real reporters!”

  • Holly Stick

    So is its name Fake Lake Harper?

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