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Standing up for Canada?

For Harper and the Conservatives on copyright issues, it would appear not so much, if this report is to be believed:

According to Austin, the decision to introduce U.S.-style DMCA rules in Canada in 2007 was strictly a political decision, the result of pressure from the Prime Minister’s Office desire to meet U.S. demands. She states “the Prime Minister’s Office’s position was, move quickly, satisfy the United States.” When Bernier and then-Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda protested, the PMO replied “we don’t care what you do, as long as the U.S. is satisfied.”

Professor Geist adds: “it would appear that the PMO’s decision to side with Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore in requiring strict anti-circumvention rules reflects a long-term decision to prioritize U.S. interests on copyright ahead of the national interest.”

The Conservatives latest attempt at appeasing the US copyright lobby updating Canada’s copyright act gets tabled after 3pm today, so we’ll then see how much they’ve learned (or haven’t learned) from their 2007 attempt, when a massive outcry forced them to withdraw the bill. We’ll also see if the opposition parties, particularly the Liberals, can seize the initiative and present themselves as “consumer-friendly”, and offer alternatives/amendments to this thing, if it’s as bad as many of us fear.

UPDATE @ 3:59 pm: Well, the bill has been released. Professor Geist’s initial reaction is that it is “flawed but fixable”, and he is urging Canadians to get involved in the process with public reaction and pressure to help amend the flawed aspects.


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  • EFL

    I’m away from my desk at moment so hoping you can send this around through twitter, etc. Romanow, JC’s pal, is important to listen to, always. He often says things JC can’t.

    Evan just did an invu w/fmr sask premier romanow. has some interesting things 2 say re: coalition on p&p tonite @5pm #cbcpolitics #cdnpoli

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