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Don’t throw the Conservatives a life jacket on copyright bill

Apparently, Industry Minister Tony Clement realizes he and the Conservative government are going to get a rough ride on their 2nd attempt at coming up with a new Copyright Bill, and he’s literally begging the opposition parties to help him and the government pass this.

If the new copyright bill is as draconian as it’s rumoured to be, there’s no way the opposition parties – particularly the Liberals – should aid the Conservatives passing this bill. There will be probably another massive public campaign as there was last time the Conservatives tried to modify copyright law, and the opposition parties should stand out of the way and let the Conservatives take the heavy fire.

If anything, the opposition parties (again, with my emphasis being on the Liberals) should be pressing for massive amendments to this bill to soften up the more draconian edges of it, and make it as consumer-friendly as possible. There is absolutely no way the government will attempt to make this a confidence vote/issue, and that should be exploited to make a potentially bad bill on copyright a good one (or to kill the bad one if the Conservatives refuse to play ball).


4 comments to Don’t throw the Conservatives a life jacket on copyright bill

  • Liamyoung

    This piece of legislation and everything behind it STINKS!

    It’s part ACTA, part DCMA and a LOT of industry influence, trying to turn the web into a glorified version of TV.

    Please don’t let it happen.

  • I wouldn’t take the Liberal position for granted. They have history of their own on this issue — remember Sarmite Bulte? — and might well have passed their own crappy copyright legislation had they managed to hold on to power.

    • @pogge, Oh I know the Liberals have had issues. But, Bulte is no longer an MP, and I know from a well placed source that the Liberals have received more then a fair share of voter email correspondence urging them not to help the government pass draconian copyright law.

  • Letting any of it pass is a bad idea, it’s written from the wrong perspective, it probably cannot be fixed.

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