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I’m kind of ripping this off of Twitter, but since I again am not feeling well and feeling unmotivated  to do my own blogpost (being up half the night and then being on Predozone/Benadryl tends to lose one’s motivation quickly), I’m gonna direct you elsewhere to other folks.

First, an excellent electoral reform column here by Chantal Hebert, imploring the Liberals to take the leap – arguing that the current FPTP system that so benefited the Liberals the past century will not be doing so anytime soon, be bold and propose to reform it to something else. She prefers a proportional system, but again, I don’t think thats possible in the country right now with 3 failed provincial referendums. I say go and try to sell Instant Runoff/Alternative Vote, as is being tried in the UK with a referendum.

Second, and slightly related to electoral reform, an anonymous Conservatives view on any coalition government attempts here by the Liberals/NDP, as well as bonus views from a “former Ignatieff staffer”.

James Bowie compares other cities costs at hosting G20 events and wonders how come it will cost Toronto a billion bucks to host the same thing.  Is Harper and company that paranoid/terrified something will happen? Where exactly is that money being spent anyhow?


2 comments to Follow Fridays

  • Greg

    Instant runoff will certainly appeal to the Conservative/Liberal hegemons. It will screw the small parties, but who cares about that anyway.

    • Northern PoV

      IVR will help the small parties

      I can vote Green with my first choice and Liberal as my second-choice strategic vote as can other Green supporters w/o worrying about electing a Con. Under the current system, I usually vote to stop Cons (and hence will not vote for a small party).

      The PR referendums proved that Canadians are risk adverse and will not embrace a complex change (as both Ont. & BC proposals were) in one swell foop.

      Now if the $1.75/vote subsidy goes to the first choice candidates – and we ban political polling – IVR will prove really effective – it might even become the training wheels for PR.

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