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Conservative government monitoring opinions online

This particular piece of news doesn’t surprise me at all; that the government is monitoring online forums and message boards (and presumably blogs), and appears ready to start posting rebuttals to any posts that they don’t like or consider “wrong”.

I’ve had more then a few occasions where I’ve had commenters post their outrage at something I’ve written they didn’t like, where I’ve noted that their IP address traces directly back to Ottawa and from government departments (and yes, WordPress blogs and the administrators of those blogs can trace IP #’s of the folks who leave comments at them). I’ve been under the impression that “online monitoring” has been going on for some time – whether it was being done with approval from their higher-ups, or whether those federal public servants/employees were doing their posting on here without their bosses knowing is of course hard to prove.

So,  now we know that the Conservative government may be actively involved in putting out rebuttals at blogsites, websites, Facebook, etc. The interesting part of all of this for me will be if these folks will actively identify that they’re working for or on behalf of the federal Conservative government when they post their rebuttals  in online forums, or whether they’re going to try and sneak around and only be known if the administrator checks their IP tracer (if they have one set up) and notice it’s coming from a specific government department or proxy.


8 comments to Conservative government monitoring opinions online

  • Gary Vollick

    Dear Mr Harper , I am very to say the least upset with the way the world leaders have ruined mother earth , and the fact that i used to be able to employ people to work , now just like ever other small buisness man , is suffering to put the basics on our tables, and that is very little , i look back to the leave it to Beaver days , LOL, you s have sure messed up since . Spending over a billion dollars on g20 is to protect your ass s not ours , we have to pay for the crap. we have pharmasidically poisoned lakes and yous are building man made play rooms . My wife has cancer along with man of the residence in my town , my little dog has cancer , from drinking city water, I laughed as i opened up a tax bill for 13,000,00 this morning as yous taxed me for a insurance tort that was to be tax free from a acciddent i was in year 2002, we are scraping penneys for our next meal , How about you conservatives,, not likely AY, Well Mr Harper looks like you sold your Job to me as i am going to run for president this coming term as i am ABORIGINAL and its time the people new the right way to live in this world and it certainly is not in the path of distruction you have taken , This is the end to the greed seekers good by conservatives, you are not getting voted in next election , the kindergarden games are over. time they started clean in our parliment get rid of the ole i promise to do this guys. and get some honesty back in Canada, TOTALLY ASHAMED OF YOU ALL” GARY VOLLICK.

  • e

    They have been paying for this since they started the blogging tories… then paid for people to do it from the PMO… and now they are using more public money and hiring firms…

  • Marie

    totaly Agree Tofkw. I guess from now on if the cons sre monitoring blogs I must remember to call them evil control freaks,dim-witted, un-educated, bullies and liars more often. If they can continue to insult Canadians, they need to expect the same treatment from us as well.

    Have a great weekend all.


  • TofKW

    Defending Rand Paul? The guy’s not even a conservative, he’s an angry, whacked-out libertarian riding an Astroturfed populist wave. Mind you, that does describes our current Conservative Party of Canada, doesn’t it? This nation lost it’s last true Tories when the PC party died.

  • I got an angry comment on a post about Rand Paul that came from the official Conservative Party IP address in Ottawa. So they also seem to be surfing around sticking up for ideological fellow travellers wherever they might be

  • Is Progressive Bloggers fixed, Scott..thanks

  • I never had to question the origin of all those “anons” who couldn’t even spell correctly… And the sentence “structure” – horrible.

    It DOES impact public opinion when voters think the comment is from another person like them… Sad. We CAN do something though – we need to bring in tight controls for elected officials AND their staff. Not having them testify on Hill hearings is a big scandal, and we need to fight this.

    It’s about democracy. Sure, things happen… Human nature, etc., but we need to have a more open forum where the concerns can be raised, investigated, and resolved.

  • Of course they won’t identify themselves. The whole idea is classic astroturf. I’d like them to explain how this is different than Helena Guergis’s staffers submitting pseudonymous letters to the editor.

    While some blog platforms allow a certain amount of tracking, Twitter and Facebook do not make posters’ IP addresses public.

    BTW, I posted a blog piece on this issue yesterday.

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