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The C.R.U.S.H ‘radicals’ are at it again – this time in the Globe & Mail

This lovely full-sized ad appeared on Page F4 in the Saturday May 22, 2010 edition of the Globe and Mail, courtesy of the Canadians Rallying To Unseat Stephen Harper group – also known as C.R.U.S.H, also known to the Conservative Party as being “anti-Stephen Harper radicals”, which means apparently anybody who disagrees with Conservative Party propaganda. Here is their latest ad, pointing out the Harper/Conservative Party contradictions:


10 comments to The C.R.U.S.H ‘radicals’ are at it again – this time in the Globe & Mail

  • Nadine_L

    A. Mary Pynenburg is not on the CRUSH admin team I know for a fact.


    B. What if Mary Pynenburg was on the CRUSH admin. team? How would that have been a bad thing?


    Stephen HarperCon: Government of One



  • ridenrain

    Indeed.. as Mary Pynenburg, a two-time Liberal candidate who runs that
    “radical” left wing dog & pony show says..

    “There is no conspiracy just a big conservative overreaction and attack on anyone who disagrees.”

    The Liberals are still unable to get their supporters to actually trust them with their own money, and most of the leaders still haven’t been able to repay their 4 year old candidate loans, one wonders where the money comes from.

    • Pamela Allard

      @ridenrain, Boy are you dense. You should pick up some of those pre-school activity books – you are pathetic at “connecting the dots”!

      • Pamela Allard

        @Pamela Allard, Although we are very happy that Mary Pynenburg is a member of our 3250+ group, she is not nor ever has been part of our organizing committee.

    • canuckguy

      @ridenrain, Well, I guess we know which radio show you listen to, huh? He had it so wrong it was comical. You talk about your weird and wacky conspiracy theories. LOL – I sure hope he doesn’t ever get into any serious investigative journalism.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, delusional as usual eh Ridenrain? You should really stop making your own moonshine…

    • Maureen Sanders

      @ridenrain, There is more truth in this small ad, paid for by dozens of small donations by ordinary Canadians, than in the gazillion partisan Action Plan ads blitzed across the country by this government. The latter has been a disgusting use of taxpayer dollars during difficult economic times to tell us absolutely nothing; gigantic billboards merely to promote this self-aggrandizing government.

      When are we going to hear the truth about what these CPC ads have cost taxpayers? When will this government provide the accountability and transparency on which it was elected?

  • ridenrain

    Grassroots? lol.


  • I think this add is great because it attacks what the Conservatives think are Stephen Harper’s strengths: democratic accountability and fiscal economics. Had the advertisement attacked Harper on the environment and expanded on health care, it wouldn’t have had as much effect as borderline Conservative voters probably rank the economy high on their priorities–health care and the environment, less so.

    I encourage the group to go after Harper’s five priorities from the last election. Make his so-called strengths into weaknesses.

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