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Humorous Harper Hypocrisy for your long weekend.

“Meeting celebrities isn’t my shtick. That was the shtick of the previous guy.” -Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2007 when asked why he refused to meet Bono to discuss funding for AIDS research and prevention in Africa.

Pictorial evidence seems to contradict that statement however:

Some selective shtick.

I’m thinking the more accurate statement from Harper would have been to say: “Meeting celebrities that don’t agree with my political point of view or don’t offer the potential to increase my popularity or my electoral chances is not my shtick”.

H/T to my liberal friend D.


10 comments to Humorous Harper Hypocrisy for your long weekend.

  • Red Forever

    What on earth is Harper’s stylist being paid for?

    Whatever it is, judging by the photos, it is a complete waste of money.

  • slg

    Mr. Harper – doesn’t say what he means and doesn’t mean what he says.

  • Ardvark

    You nailed it. The PM meeting a rock star with a swollen ego whose purpose was only lobby and who was using his fame to gain access to the PM is exactly the same as the PM taking his daughter to a concert, jamming with Brian Adams or cheering on Team Canada.

    Exactly the same.

    BTW, do foreign rock stars have to register as lobbyists?

  • Sharon

    I specifically did not renew my conservative membership b/c of the Harpnator’s ugly behaviour, control freakery and character weaknesses. No amount of singing children or adults, classy blue sweaters, rare smiles, hockey fan crap, stupid Tim Horton’s smoke and mirrors, book give-a-ways or other photo op trickery will fool me again. Little Stevie is over compensating for something. He is so dismissive towards women. I have Harper fatigue!! He will not get my vote again. I am working hard to influence others to see the numerous double standards. The master manipulator deliberately confuses issues and then pulls a u-turn to come back to address the same issue, polarization, switch and bait, carrot and the stick, trial balloons, and so on and on. We are all being spun to death. People need to take a look at other leaders without a personality contest in mind or Harper’s voice in our heads. I need to give my head a shake and get out from under the influence of their massive spin machine.

  • Those aren’t really celebrities to Steve. Those are stylist celebrities. I’ll bet that Steve knows as much about them irl as I do, which is next to nothing. But someone ok’d them for him, so there he is.

    Hard to believe he has a stylist when you see those shirts though, isn’t it?

    • ck

      skdadl, if what you say is true; somebody sure goofed off by allowing PM Family Values to pose in photos with druggy Nickelback dude.

  • This is that old do as I say, not as I do kind of thing again, huh?

  • MoS

    Scott, are you suggesting our prime monster is capable of saying one thing and doing just the opposite? Shame.

  • Yep, wouldn’t want to discuss AIDS prevention with humanitarian Bono, but I’m happy to hang with former drug dealer Chad Kroeger.

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