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Delicious irony

You might remember a court case involving the Conservatives “in-and-out” spending scheme which seemed to favour the Conservatives initially, causing Conservative MP and spokesperson Pierre Poilievre to crow the “total vindication” line:

Last January, a Federal Court judge rejected Elections Canada’s claim that advertising expenses attributed to Tory candidates during the 2006 federal election should have been reported as national campaign expenses. The Conservatives claimed “total vindication” at the time, while Elections Canada sought leave to appeal.

However, it seems the Conservatives find out they may have gotten a bit ahead of themselves, and that 3 Cabinet Ministers are in peril from this ruling, as well as Maxime Bernier:

But now the Tories are also appealing, hoping to strike down a little-noticed section of the judgment that would mean up to 10 candidates — including Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Josée Verner and former minister Maxime Bernier — exceeded their campaign spending limits in 2006.

If the ruling is allowed to stand, the four sitting Tories and up to six former candidates could face charges. If convicted, they could be barred from running again or even be barred from sitting in the House of Commons, much less cabinet.

And the irony?

Because of the potentially grave consequences, Elections Canada is asking that Justice Luc Martineau’s ruling be stayed until the appeals are completed.

The Conservatives are in the position of hoping Elections Canada request for a stay of the decision is successful, or that Election Canada’s appeal of the original judgment is successful, if their own appeal of this part of the judgment isn’t. In otherwards, they are depending on a non-partisan organization to help their Cabinet Ministers/MP’s avoid sanction; an organization they’ve subtly and not so subtly accused in the past of being biased against them.

Maybe they aren’t so biased after all, eh Conservatives?


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