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Miscellaneous and blog housekeeping.

As much as I’d like to believe there is some independent thought going on in the Conservative Senate caucus, I unfortunately have to correct my fellow Liberal bloggers: Senator Lowell Murray is an “independent Progressive Conservative” – just as Senator Elaine McCoy is – and therefore not a member of the Conservative Senate caucus, and definitely not a government Senator. His actions he threatens to do in the Senate with the Budget bill is thus one as a Senator in opposition (but one of a block of independent senators that holds the balance of power).

On the housekeeping front, some of you may have noted when leaving a comment that you now have the option to “log in” using your Facebook/Twitter/Blogger/Wordpress account etc. as a way to validate your comment when leaving it. I’ve got that currently set to optional, but I’m debating about making it a mandatory requirement to do so in order to be able to leave comments. It would cut down on some spam and some anonymous drive-by smearers I occasionally get on here. I’m still pondering that and will take some input on it if anyone feels like leaving some.

Oh, and quite an impressive blogroll that CPAC has here – somehow this little blog of mine managed to get included on it.


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