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The Conservatives turn their attack machine on Helena

Well, you see what happens when you cross Stephen Harper – he has no hesitation in throwing you under the bus. That’s not to say Helena Guergis might not deserve it – but I find it rather unseemly that Harper still refuses to exactly say why he sacked her the way he did, and decides that the best way to refute Guergis’s interview is to “leak” more “internal Conservative talking points” to Jane Taber at the Globe.

EDIT: I agree with some observers that this is the Conservatives closing ranks and trying to protect themselves from the Jaffer-Guergis fallout.


11 comments to The Conservatives turn their attack machine on Helena

  • Stan

    Nice scam the liberals and the CBC are running, hound a conservative woman MP until she gets the boot then scream victim and moan about that mean Mr Harper.
    But don’t fool yourselves, according to the poll numbers no one is buying your latest bullshit.
    Nice try thought…

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Stan, nice try thought? You should really try thinking Stan,you’re making no sense and really are grasping at straws.

      Dont tell me the cops that arrest Jaffer we’re Liberal plants. Maybe we should make it illegal for any Liberal supporters to hold jobs.

      Would that satisfy you in your insane view of reality?

      Think Stan think. It only hurts the first time.

  • ridenrain

    Does that mean that the Liberals are NOT calling for her resignation now?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, thank you for proving my previous comment. Blustery vitriol while trying to change the channel. Interesting attempt, but rather poorly executed once again. You really dont work well without a net do you Ridenrain?

  • ridenrain

    You folks need to work on the talking points.
    Some of your Libloggers are still in hate mode:
    “Maybe the cocaine fairy left it in his car”

    • Jon Pertwee

      @ridenrain, hmm Ridenrain lecturing others about talking points. Anyone need a living example of hypocrisy? Ridenrain will next demonstrate blustery vitriol while trying to justify his one sided views again.

      You’ve been really really weak with your talking points Ridenrain. What’s the matter? Doug Finley’s fax machine broken?

  • Pat B

    Look, as long as she was in the boss man’s favour, she was happy to do his bidding. Look at the videos of question period to see her bobbing and nodding, craning around Harper to get picked up on the TV screens. It’s only now that she’s fallen out of favour that she dares to cry foul. Hypocrisy looks so bad on such a pretty Christian woman.

  • Anon

    Anybody for a few more years of Communistic rule?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Anon, sure, much better than the crapjob reformatory govern by hypocrisy thing we’ve been living under.

  • TofKW

    Plenty of examples out there of what happens to people who cross Harper, remember the stories of Mulroney no longer being a member of the Conservative party?

    It does however help to illuminate what must be a culture of fear and discipline within the CPofC under Harper’s leadership. Basically you are kept in line by the fear of discipline, and ultimately by being thrown out of the party and attacked in the media.

    Any wonder now how Harper keeps his backbenchers so tight lipped?

    But there will be one day when the wheels finally fall off the CPofC bus and Harper becomes more of a liability than an asset. On that day the knives will come out quickly and viciously. It is the inevitable end of every petty potentate’s reign.

  • It’d be useful if the Cons would “leak” which departments met with Jaffer and what was discussed.

    It’s interesting that PMO claims Guergis was told what the allegations were but the public has never been told. Simcoe-Grey voters should at least know why they are not getting the CPC representation they voted for.

    When Guergis said that Jaffer never used her office for his business, it was hard not to think of Prentice rising in the house to confirm that he had, indeed, done so. That, and the email account thing, have been pretty much out in the open. Wasn’t Guergis even listening? I guess when it comes to Rahim, she’s a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil, stand-by-your-man sorta gal.

    I found her theatrics to be ♫ inspirational ♫, at least.

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