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Irony in the UK results.

Fascinating results:

…results indicate David Cameron’s Conservative Party will win the most seats — but will fall short of the 326 seats needed for a majority and clear defeat of Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown.With just two of the 650 constituencies left to report results, the BBC is reporting the Tories will hold at least 305 seats, while Labour is expected to hold about 258 seats in Parliament.

..and this offer from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats:

The Tory leader, whose party won most seats but was short of a majority, said he wanted to make a “big open and comprehensive offer” to the Lib Dems. BBC political editor Nick Robinson said it could include Lib Dems in cabinet.

Whats that? A Conservative Party offering up a coalition government in a Westminster-style parliamentary system? Cabinet posts for another party? Will Stephen Harper and his Conservatives call that type of government illegitimate if it were to happen there?

Personally by the way, If the Conservatives can’t offer the Liberal Dems anything more then a “study” on electoral reform, I’d advise them to reject any coalition talks with the Conservatives.

UPDATE @ 1:40 pm: “What happened to the Liberal Democrat surge?” is one question being asked by a lot of people today. Even in the last polls of the campaign the day before the election, the pollsters had them anywhere between 26-29%. I suspect that at polling day, there was a combination of conservative-oriented voters being persuaded by the Conservative Party rhetoric that a “hung Parliament” would be bad, while Labor-oriented voters in marginal seats there decided they’d back the Labor Party to prevent the Conservative majority, resulting in the Liberal Democrats getting squeezed back to their normal voting percentage by that dual combination.


1 comment to Irony in the UK results.

  • Red Forever

    I think Harper’s cabinet should all be replaced by Liberals.
    As an example John Mccallum for Finance Minister.
    Bob Rae, as foreign affairs minister.
    Kirsty Duncan, health Minister
    Glen Pearson, environment minister
    Ralph Goodale, Industry minister etc, etc

    Would it not be refreshing to have a cabinet that was actually made up of qualified people?

    Harper and his merry band of boobs just don’t cut it.

    Of course Harper should be the first one to be replaced.

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