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Anyone think Helena will run as an independent candidate now?

This interesting bit of news regarding Helena Guergis hits the wire:

The Conservatives have dropped former cabinet minister Helena Guergis as the nominated candidate for Ontario’s Simcoe-Grey riding, according to a news report…The network quoted sources as saying Guergis was removed because the Tories are concerned an election could be called at any moment, and they need to have nominated candidates in all 308 ridings. Last week, the Ontario riding’s electoral district association had written a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, asking that he not interfere in its right to choose a candidate.

2 trains of thought: Harper must really dislike the allegations that he’s been given with regards to Guergis and Jaffer – you know, the allegations he refuses to tell anyone – to drop her as a candidate before the public even know what allegations have been levelled at her. Heck, we dont even know if the RCMP are investigating these allegations or not.

The other thought is that there are rumors/reports that the national Conservative party high-ups commissioned a phone poll in Guergis’s riding of Simcoe-Grey, and that they found they’d lose it to the Liberals if Guergis remained the Conservative nominated MP – hence the excuse/reason for dropping her, before allegations are proved/disproved (by the way, interesting claim from Conservative sources about there possibly being an election soon – does that mean, as one of my Liberal blogging compatriots James Curran believes – that Harper and the Conservatives have no intention of turning over unredacted documents to Parliament and will go to an election over those after being found in contempt of Parliament?)

Regardless of when the next election is, I’ll be interested to see if Helena and a sizable portion of her Conservative riding association (who aren’t happy with the national CPC HQ) will break away and form an independent MP bid to stick it to her former masters at CPC Hq, or whether she’ll be a good soldier and stand down “for the good of the Conservative Party”

UPDATE @ 10:43 am: At the moment, it appears Helena still wants to run as a Conservative candidate, and rejoin the Conservative caucus.


3 comments to Anyone think Helena will run as an independent candidate now?

  • ck

    I hope she runs as an independent too. With Harpercon numbers teetering back and forth, dangerously close to majority territory; )I saw EKOS that ‘librul hack’, pinning them at 38% this morning), it has become a game of seat counting.

    Simcoe-Grey isn’t a ‘safe’ Harpercon seat like say, Calgary West. It was Liberal before she came along.

    However, looks like Steve wants to put in a ‘star’: Dr Kellie Leitch, orthopedic surgeon at Toronto Sick Kids and professor at Western in Simcoe-Grey. Apparently, the good doctor is also a Harpercon activist. Can’t figure out for the life of me why though: women are obviously second-class citizens.

  • Hope she runs as an independent and splits the con vote!

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