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Michael Chong’s respect for Parliament sighting – Part 2

James mentioned Chong’s motion to reform some aspects of Question Period over at his blogpost today, but I thought I’d highlight it as a follow-up to yesterday’s blogpost I did on him, which just reinforces the notion he’s one Conservative MP who respects the institution of Parliament and its traditions and rules – something the majority of his Conservative colleagues – including the Prime Minister – is sadly lacking.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone though – Chong was a member of the old Progressive Conservative party, and is probably one of the few true moderates left over there. The Conservatives could do worse then to listen to Chong, but they won’t – not under the current leadership.


5 comments to Michael Chong’s respect for Parliament sighting – Part 2

  • Big Winnie

    One other thing I would add to the motion is getting rid of questions being asked of Ministers, in QP, by their own members.

  • Michael Chong is one of the few MPs who values principles over partisanship.

    And the latter is not the exclusive domain of the Conservatives.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Joanne (T.B.), you had to go an ruin it by saying something partisan. 😉

    • @Joanne (T.B.),

      No, but he may well represent the exclusive domain of it within the Harper CPC HoC caucus. Which is no small part of why we have such dysfunctional government under the current PM. Good government it has not shown even had a passing resemblance to by any reasonable (as in non-partisan) measure/standard, which is btw not a comment on its ideology but actual process I might add. One can have good government from someone whose priorities you disagree with, but we don’t even get that from the Harper government, which is unique for a Canadian federal government that I’ve ever heard of in our history.

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