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It’s how you look at it.

Very interesting: One blogger of Liberal persuasion looks at Ralph Goodale’s statements of what will occur if Harper and the Conservatives continue to stonewall on releasing detainee documents and sees no signs of fear, while another blogger of NDP persuasion believes he sees signs of ambiguity/backing off.

You won’t be surprised I’m more in line with the former blogger’s view of things then the latter.

I will say this though: I think I’m beginning to agree with the NDP/BQ view that perhaps expanding Iacobucci’s role to be the person leading a full public judicial inquiry isn’t the way to go. I think it would be fine if he acted as an advisor to MPs, but he should have zero authority over what happens to the documents. A judicial inquiry with a sitting active judge would be fine by me, though.


5 comments to It’s how you look at it.

  • Alison S

    It is not a reflection on him, but Iacobucci is a smoke screen for Harpie and is a complete waste of taxpayers’ dollars. I am always shocked by how Harpie treats our money like his own piggybank to further his partisan purposes. Somehow he gets away with it. Dare I suggest that the voters are not paying attention?

  • Sid

    I am blown away by so-called progressives who don’t recognize Iacobucci has no place in the solution, he is lawyer hired by the conservatives, why the hell should he have anything to say about what MPs get to see. Get a spine and move forward, its part of being “progressive”.

  • JMR

    Having just won the right to see all unredacted documents it seems stupid to me to then go and cede that right to someone else. Agree with NDP/Bloc on this one.

  • Big Winnie

    I agree Skinny Dipper. Send Iacobucci on his way.

  • The problem with Iacobucci’s role is that he is responsible to Stephen Harper, not all of the MPs or the committee members. He doesn’t have credibility as a neutral arbiter.

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