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Inconvenient facts always ruin an attempted narrative.

You might have seen this story in the Globe and Mail this AM about Conservative MP’s continuing to attack polling company Ekos and their president Frank Graves, as well as the CBC for continuing to use him on their broadcasts. Basically, they’re calling Ekos and Graves a Liberal shill, and don’t think CBC should be using him, and that taxpayers money shouldn’t be used to have a “partisan” on the national public broadcaster.

With regards to that, Jane Taber makes a good point (yes, I did just write that sentence):

(They forget, for example, that the CBC has hired Kory Teneycke, the former director of communications to the Prime Minister, who is now being paid with taxpayer dollars to tout the Tory line and do Mr. Harper’s bidding.)

Further to that however, this came across on Twitter from Glen McGregor, national affairs columnist for the Ottawa Citizen:

By my math, since CPC formed government, “Liberal partisan” pollster Frank Graves has done $5,657,710 in work for Harper govt.

Followed by this Tweet soon after:

Also, EKOS has done two polling contacts worth $131,440 for Privy Council Office under Harper.

Glen muses he perhaps should do a story on that in his paper. I really hope he does, to get it out there to a wider audience what a silly thing this attempted line of attack is. Sometimes, facts can be very inconvenient when you’re trying to push out propaganda.

UPDATE @ 12:29pmWarren digs up a couple of complimentary Stephen Harper quotes about the CBC

UPDATE 2 @ 8:02 pm: Glen Mcgregor follows through and does indeed do a news story based on his aforementioned tweets, except apparently Ekos and Graves havent gotten 5.6 million $, but 12 million $ in work from the governing Conservatives since 2006. BIAS!!!


8 comments to Inconvenient facts always ruin an attempted narrative.

  • Jenny

    Thank goodness we live in a time of conservative government in Canada. Then again, we have always lived in conservative times in Canada. The only way liberal governments have survived is to act like conservatives.

    The media, on the other hand, has had a liberal bend to it for far too long. The CBC and Toronto Star go even further with a radical left-wing view and are far out of touch from Canadian society today. That’s ok for the Star because they are private, but the CBC gets my tax money so it should at least reflect the values of the majority of Canadians.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Jenny, a little bit of historical revisionism eh Jenny?

      Too bad the majority of Canada’s history has been under Liberal governments. Kinda disproves that “acting like conservatives” theory eh?

      Always lived in conservative times? What exactly do you mean by that. By and far the majority of us are social liberals. You may like the idea of locking up weirdos and not allowing people to have non conservative opinions but that’s not the Canada we live in. Nor will it ever be.

      Liberal bend to media? Ha ha that’s delusional. Does your black and white TV get CTV? Ever heard of the National Post? You really need to get out more Jenny.

      The CBC reflects the values of quite a few Canadians. Just because you pay taxes doesnt mean that the CBC should become the Jenny’s Twisted Views Network. You want a piece of media that you paid for that reflects your views: buy some web hosting and start a blog.

      We live in a society Jenny. That means that sometimes things are popular or exist that you or I may not like. The thing is, not everyone shares your views; or mine for that matter. I have no problem with that because I’m proud of Canada’s tolerance and openness: both from Liberal governments. The country you want however sounds like total shite for anyone not like you.

      Really Jenny, read some books and learn.

  • Frankly Canadian

    Much much more has to be made of this whole situation about our Canadian media having far too much influence from one governing party, that being the right wing Conservatives. After watching that new mini series “Love, Hate, and Propaganda” I realize how important the media was to mad men such as Hittler, and how important we as a citizenry need to protect ourselves from future catastrophes that this media control can bring. More light needs to be shed on how our Canadian “NEWS” personalities are attempting to not only influence us but even change our perception of what is important and what is not important. Thank you for bringing this issue to the forefront; the time to attack this type of practise is now.

  • ck

    Doesn’t Rex Murphy also do Harpercon bidding on CBC?

    The way these Harpercon cheerleaders are going, you’d think they would be running in an election against Frank Graves and the CBC instead of an Iggy, a Jack or a Gilles.

  • Red Forever

    After the antics of Mike Duffy, and CTV, it is pretty rich that the Cons complain about the CBC.

    I love the radio guys panel CTV convenes on “Power Play”

    They get right wing gas bags, Dave Rutherford, and Charles Adler, to give their views on what their listeners are telling them. They then proceed to present their listeners views, as indicative of what all Canadians are thinking. As if they even get any listeners who are not right-wing nut jobs like themselves.

    This is just a Con tactic to deflect, and divert attention away from themselves.

  • Jon Pertwee

    Maybe Allan Gregg is afraid that his role in the “Jean Chretien speaks from both sides of his face” ad might come up.

  • Teneycke yes, but Allan Gregg too. Teneycke is at least open about his party connections, when we hear Gregg’s words of wisdom CBC makes no effort to point out his connections with the Reform, the CPC, and Manning. So why aren’t the attack dogs going after Harris/Decima too?

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