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How conveeeenient.

About the only good thing to say about this next news item is that this is just more evidence to present to the public that the Conservative government must have an awful lot to hide from in these documents, when they’re not only trying not to let Parliament have uncensored access to them, but also are trying to get them lost:

The Military Police Complaints Commission heard Tuesday that documents it has requested regarding the transfer of Afghan detainees could take years to sort out. According to testimony by Maj. Denis Gagnon, the relevant files were “all thrown together in a storage bin, a sea container.” The process of Indexing and cataloguing those documents “may take years,”

Someone from the opposition parties should be asking in QP tomorrow (or the media, if they can grab a relevant government minister or spokesperson) who in the Conservative government or the Canadian military gave the order to dump some of these detainee docs in a sea ship container and done in such a haphazard that it would take “years” to locate and sort – and when that order was given to do so.

UPDATE @ 9:38 am: The Chronicle-Herald has mentioned in its story on this that the files are being stored at Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan, but um, they still don’t where they all are.

Stashed away in metal shipping containers somewhere at Kandahar Airfield are documents that could shed light on the Afghan detainee affair, an inquiry heard Tuesday. But more than two years after public hearings were called into the prisoner controversy, the military has yet to find the paperwork and ship it back to Canada.Instead, stacks of detainee transfer orders are “all thrown together in a storage bin, a sea container” at the military base, Maj. Denis Gagnon told the Military Police Complaints Commission.

Since when did our military become haphazard in handling documents like this?


7 comments to How conveeeenient.

  • Al

    Your Question “Since when did our military become haphazard in handling documents like this?” has an answer. It’s since they have something to hide. (like war crimes)

  • How many do they have..are they different from the ones Iacobucci has?

    I for one,find this very hard to believe

  • S

    I can’t imagine the default in the military for records is to throw them into a storage contain unsorted. You would have to ASK SPECIFICALLY for that, wouldn’t you?

  • Green Assassin Brigade

    Expect a plethora of reasons why they can’t produce the embarrassing documents such as ” the Dog ate my detainee transfer reports” and perhaps even the Chewbacca Defence. “if Chebacca lives on Endor, you must not get the documents”

  • Am wondering if this has been standard fair through the years & not just since the Cons came to power. Would be interesting to find out. This way we will know if it’s a Harper thing &/or a Govt./military thing. By knowing if it’s only this Govt.’s doing it will be one more thing to stick to Harper et al.

  • CWTF

    How long until we discover that some were destroyed?

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