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A quote for the ages highlighting that Parliament is Supreme.

“…accepting an unconditional authority of the executive to censor the information provided to Parliament would in fact jeopardize the very separation of powers that is purported to lie at the heart of our parliamentary system and the independence of its constituent parts.” – Speaker Milliken

Here is the basics, as liveblogged by CBC’s Kady O’Malley:

..The chair must conclude that it is within the power of the House to ask for the documents; is it also possible to put in place a mechanism to ensure those documents will be protected? That’s the question, isn’t it? Milliken points to various suggestions made, from swearing MPs into the Privy Council, in camera review, limited copies..he believes that the House should make *one further effort* to come up with a way to resolve the impasse, however if, in two weeks time, the matter is not behind us, the chair will return with a statement on the appropriate motion that can be moved. Oh, and yes, it is, in fact, a prima facie case of privilege.

Speaker Miliken’s ruling in its entirety can be read word for word here.

UPDATE @ 7:28 pm: I think its appropriate to once again post this graphic that CAPP made:


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