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It’s all over but the waiting.

It is reported by several media sources today that the Speaker of the House, Peter Miliken,will bring down his ruling today on the opposition parties privilege motions that charge the Conservative government being in contempt of Parliament for refusing to hand over unredacted uncensored documents pertaining to the Afghan detainee issue and what was known about torture. It is reportedly a 45 minute speech, so it’s obvious Miliken put a lot of thought into whatever his ruling says today. It will take place shortly after Question Period ends, at around 3 pm.

What will he rule? Warren seems to think the Speaker will “cave” to Harper – because he hasn’t had a history of making bold decisions (which I agree is a valid point – Miliken has been a very risk-averse Speaker more wanting to wash his hands of certain matters then deal with them directly in a raucous minority government situation).

I hope that’s not the case. If there is precedent for Parliament’s supremacy, and the opposition parties have made that case here, then Miliken hopefully hasn’t avoid issuing that ruling because he is afraid of the consequences.

(More from me after the ruling is issued, and I have time to digest what he said).

UPDATE: If you want to see some evidence of contempt of Parliament, check out this Tweet from The Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt:

PM won’t be in the HoC for Speaker’s ruling. He’ll be meeting a Nobel Prize winner.

Harper appears to be either confident the Speaker won’t rule against him, or he simply doesn’t care even if he does.


2 comments to It’s all over but the waiting.

  • I like that he didn’t phrase it as being all about preserving national sercurity but, rather, keeping an unbroken record of consensus and eventual agreement in the House.

  • TofKW

    It’s over, sort of…
    Miliken gave the government two weeks to figure out a way to present the unredacted documents without jeopardizing national security (one way is to swear in opposition members into the Privy counsel – which he mentioned). After two weeks, if no action, then he lowers the boom. So a delay of 2 weeks, but Miliken made the right call and confirmed the supremacy of parliament.

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