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The arrogance (not to mention the paranoid secrecy) of this government can be highlighted by this particular exchange between a Justice Department lawyer and the Military Police Complaints Commission, in a dispute over the government not releasing documents to the Commission:

Commission counsel said it’s hard to know what documents are out there when the government gets to “unilaterally” decide what gets released and what doesn’t. “We have no idea what the universe of documents is that the government is reviewing,” lawyer Ron Lunau said. But Mr. Prefontaine argued the commission’s mandate is limited and certain documents are out of bounds.

The commission also took the government to task for dragging its feet in releasing some documents. Acting chair Glenn Stannard asked Mr. Prefontaine when the commission could expect some. “Documents will be turned over to the counsel when they’re good and ready,” Mr. Prefontaine replied. Mr. Stannard eventually called for a break, but not before admonishing Mr. Prefontaine: “I find that close to offensive, not only to this panel, but also to the public.”

In otherwards, the government is saying WE will decide when you get to see documents, and what you get to see; another reason one hopes that the Speaker of the House will find the government in contempt of Parliament when he issues his expected ruling this week, and order the turning over of said documents to Parliament to find out what it is the government is trying to hide so desperately.


5 comments to Arrogance

  • Pamela Allard

    the arrogant prick!!!

  • MoS

    There is nothing particularly extraordinary in Prefontaine’s remark. He’s merely reflective of the atmosphere of arrogant contempt for Parliament and the Canadian people that pervades the Harper government.

  • “when they’re good and ready” … lol. Och, Scott — does that not remind you of your Auntie Somebody? It sure is a scoldy voice out of my past (now regrettably long), and it is just so absurd, ‘way below the standards of basic mutual respect and decency that should obtain between civilized adults.

    I wish that Stannard would hold Prefontaine personally in contempt for that. I know that judges and similar officials can do that in the U.S., can send lawyers to jail for that kind of behaviour, or just for continuing to bring stupid arguments to their courtrooms. Don’t know whether it can be done here, but I’d love to see a few government lawyers reminded of where their most basic duties lie, and they’re not to the bricklefritzin’ prime minister.

  • foottothefire

    Why don’t we just go on the fact that Harper stifled information pertaining to torture, would not act to stop it and as such is a war criminal…to go along with the fact that he’s also a card carrying hillbilly.

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