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Speaker’s rulings, UK elections, and Liberal gun control proposals

Some snippets to start off the week with.

– If the Hill-Times sources are correct, Speaker of the House Peter Miliken will be making that important ruling on the detainee documents and the Conservative government’s refusal to comply with a Parliamentary order/vote this week. It also has a summary of testimony last week that suggests the Conservative government knew more then it was letting on about what was going on over in Afghanistan.

– This is a follow-up to my weekend post on the UK elections – another poll last evening suggesting the Liberal Democrats surge post-leaders debate in the UK is continuing, and they lead in the latest UK YouGov poll. It will be interesting to see if that can be maintained, as there are no major newspaper or media in the UK that endorse the Liberal Dems platform – they are all either Labour or Tory papers – so you can be assured they will start assaulting the Liberal Dems platform and policy proposals now that they know the Lib Dems could seriously gum up the works for their respective parties. Two more leaders debates are also forthcoming, and the LD’s leader Nick Clegg will probably be given a rougher ride this time.

– Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, speaking to the Canadian Police Association, has outlined what he and the Liberal Party would do with regards to the (long) gun registry. He pledges to reform it, not kill it.

UPDATE @ 1:38 pm: Another pollster in the UK, ICM, confirms Liberal Dems surge in their polling, post-debate. There is also reportedly a poll out from Angus-Reid that shows the Tories and Liberal Dems deadlocked, ahead of Labour by 8%, but I’ve no link to it yet.

UPDATE 2 @ 4:46 pm: Here is your Angus-Reid poll.


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