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Info on what your representatives are doing in Ottawa can be hard to find and use. We’re trying to make it easy. Browse MPs, or find someone quickly by entering a name or postal code above. See what your representatives are saying, and what laws they’re proposing. Poke around.

With the current Conservative government so miserably failing at transparency and accountability (a major campaign promise of the Conservatives before they were elected, you might remember) it should be little surprise this is a volunteer effort done by regular folks to try and make it easier to follow what is going on up on the Hill.

It is also a laudable effort, and I think they’ve earned a spot on my sidebar.


4 comments to Check out

  • Brammer

    Partisanship aside, I’m liking this more and more. I just found out how my MP voted on 5 different votes held yesterday.

  • Red Forever

    When I go on the site, all I see are self righteous, hypocritical soft on crime tories.

    Tories who do not respect the Canadian Constitution or parliament.

    Tories who say one thing and do another.

    Tories who have no respect for the law.

    And then of course all over the net the moronic CPC apologists, who RATIONALIZE everything.

  • Brammer

    Excellent site. I’ve already subscribed to the RSS feed for my MP.

    Who are the folks running the website?

  • Frunger

    When I go on that site all I see are the lists of Liberals who don’t bother showing up for votes.

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